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    • About: I was sick of being sick and fat! In June of 2012, I weighed the most I've ever weighed: 234 lbs. I never even got that heavy when I was pregnant with TWINS! I was embarrassed to go anywhere, I was severely depressed, I felt lost, and I desperately needed help. I started off with a 40 day fast and I've also completed 2 or 3 smaller 2 week fasts, and a few smaller fasts. I've gone from 234 lbs to under 170 lbs and I feel amazing now! I no longer suffer from psoriasis, I sleep much better at night, my skin looks amazing and I've gone from a size 20 to a comfortable size 12. I also don't have the stomach pain that came with my Crohn's disease. Life is just overall better! And I know I couldn't have achieved all of my dreams, had it not been for the support I got from the Reboot with Joe forums! I have also started coaching others who are looking for support with clean eating and fitness AFTER you finish your juice reboot and I love it!!! There is no better feeling than having a client be successful and to see them reach their goals!
    • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I joined the Reboot with Joe forum during my first fast in February of 2013. I truly believe I wouldn't have been as successful with my 40 day fast had I not joined the Reboot with Joe and checked in daily. I gained some wonderful friends and got amazing support from people who had already been where I was. The Reboot with Joe is a godsend!!
    • Favorite Juice? Anti-Cellulite Juice
    • Food temptation? Potato Chips
    • Birthday: Jul 16

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