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  • Athboy Rebooter

    5 years ago

    Hi Yogawife,

    i seemed to have dried up inside when i done my 30 day reboot back in november and didn't suffer like you did..only problem i had after going back on solid food was terrible tummy cramps during the night within the first 3-4 days oh i thought i was going to die ..i live alone and there was no one near at 5am...but my family told me that there was a bug going round the area and some of them had these cramps..i just finished a 7 day reboot on 24th feb and i never got the cramps this time so i guess it was a bug? i intend doing another 7 day starting tomorrow friday 7/03/14..i lost 24 pounds on my 7 day last time..i was hoping to drop my last 28 pounds before june..which will leave me with a total of 70 pounds in all since november..up to today i am down 42 pounds 28 to go , maybe i will try the 10 day and lose the extra 14 pounds..fingers crossed.., i wish you great success, Juice on, Ray

  • Yogawife

    5 years ago

    Just saw this option where I could update my status! Yesterday was day 24 of my Reboot. My original intention was to go 28 days, move to solid fruits and vegetables for a few days, then add protein in order to not get sick on Thanksgiving, then do a 3-5 day Reboot after Thanksgiving. I lost 14 pounds in 28 days (was hoping to lose more). I still want to lose 11 more lbs. But now I'm having constant trips to the bathroom (has been going on for more than a week) that I think might no longer be detoxification, but just plain saturation with the juices. It's getting pretty uncomfortable. I posted in "Ask the Nutritionist" to get their thoughts, but I think I'm going to add some soft, cooked fruits and vegetables in today. I'll suspend the juicing Reboot, but still be on a fruit/vegetable fast of sorts until my ulcer goes away and I drop the remaining weight.


  • Saying hello!

    Started by Yogawife, Last reply by Yogawife on 2013-11-04 15:14:36

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    Intro from a mom from Texas

  • Stomach ulcer

    Started by Yogawife, Last reply by Danmcn61 on 2013-11-04 16:09:49

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    trying to heal it on my fast

  • Healing a stomach ulcer

    Started by Yogawife, Last reply by AkkiH on 2013-11-12 09:44:13

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    needing to reboot my digestive tract

  • Breaking a reboot

    Started by Yogawife, Last reply by Yogawife on 2013-11-14 15:56:49

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    would love your lessons learned and success stories

  • Could it be time to stop?

    Started by Yogawife, Last reply by Poppy39 on 2013-11-12 11:58:15

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    curious if I'm reading my body right


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    Texas reboot group

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