• About: I am 20 years old, working part-time while attending university full-time! Growing up, we weren't always great when it came to our financial situation. Because of this. I was raised off of cheap fast food, such as McDonalds, Noodles and KD. Because of that, I always had problems with my weight, I was bullied because I wasn't stick-thin like my so called "friends" as the time. Growing up I had horrible self-esteem issues, I was in an abusive relationship where my ex would constantly make fun of my stomach to the point where I was ashamed to be his girlfriend. It was mentally scarring and it dragged what little self-esteem I had through the mud. Finally, when I realized I was being abused I ended it. Now, years later I am in a healthy relationship with my current boyfriend. But my weight kept climbing. It wasn't until August 30th, 2014 when my life would change. At exactly 12:06 am, we were struck by a vehicle that ran a red light. I was hit directly and on impact, my pelvis shattered. After weeks of being hospitalized, ptsd, depression and anxiety took over my life. I finally pushed my weight over 200 lbs. I am now the biggest I ever been. Over the years, I always tried to lose weight. I would go hard at the gym, but my diet would stay the same and I wouldn't lose a pound. I would get discouraged and just quit. I would eat over the calorie intake I was supposed to eat. On January 17th 2016, I changed my diet drastically from eating over +4000 calories to eating only 1200-1500 calories a day. So far I lost weight (6lbs after 2 weeks of my diet change! but I haven't weighed myself yet and it's almost been a month!). This year, I plan to stick to my new years resolution. I want to be healthy. I don't want to be stick thin or anything, I just want to be able to make it up the stairs without breathing heavily.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: My weight has always been a problem. I always felt alone when it came to trying to lose weight with my family. I would be trying to eat a salad while everyone would be eating my favourite meal. They would buy chips and soda, or they would want to go out for supper. I'd always be surrounded by temptation. I need find the support of a community to help me lose weight! I've always loved the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Documentary and would watch it every time I come by it on Netflix. I recently watched the 2nd part to the documentary and it made sense. It really opened up my eyes to my relationship with food. I'm always motivated after I finished watching the documentary but never really acted on it or followed through. Hopefully this year will be my year and more to come!
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  • Food temptation? Salty & Fast Food!
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    Lose 40 pounds or more in 2016. Plus go on to live a healthy lifestyle eating and exercising. Join our group to do a 5 to 30 day reboot. And continue on with this group for the support, sharing recipes and exercise encouragement for living a healthy lifestyle after your reboot. We can do this, 2016 is our year! -Lindy


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