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    1 year ago

    Quick update. Today is one week after breaking the 92 day fast. 169.4 this morning. I gained 5.4Lbs which was expected as my digestive tract was replenished with solid food.

    My diet plan is now :
    Breakfast: My super oatmeal
    During the day: One qt/liter Carrot juiceand One qt/liter of my green juice
    : Leafy green salad + Beans + mushrooms completing my intake of G-bombs
    and 64oz. / two liters of water.

    I'll be starting my HIIT workouts on the 15th and update my diet a bit after.

    Supplements: 5000iu of Vit d3 and a b12 daily.

    Here are the numbers. I plugged everything into Cronometer

    - I met all my nutritional targets 100% or exceeded them. Including micro-nutrients
    - Total calories:
    2,057 - all from whole foods, no refined sugars or fats.
    - Fiber - 85 grams 224% :-) only 3% of americans meet the recommended fiber intake
    - Protein - 91.5 grams ( with a complete amino acid profile)
    - Carbs - 308.5 grams (no simple carbs)
    - Fat - 42 grams with tons of Omega 3s
    - Calcium - 1,050 mg = 105%
    -Selenium - 102%
    -Zinc - 119%
    -Potassium - 163%
    and so on....just to give everyone an Idea.

    Early to Bed...
    Early to RISE ...
    Have your **G-BOMBS**...
    and don't Compromise......!

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    1 year ago

    **************** "Trust The Journey" *****************
    Thanks everyone! This group made all the difference. Here are the changes after 92 days:

    If you read my previous post, all previous conditions gone.

    Neck: 17 1/2" to 15"
    Belly: Gone - no need to suck in my gut to be able to see my feet :-)
    Waist: from tight: 38US to normal 32US
    Inner thighs no longer rub together - no more chaffing
    Round Face: gone - Nice chiseled face
    Chest: Man boobs gone :-) Normal shape - easier to work out and bulk up

    It is good to be able to laugh about it now. Thinking back, I am single, and even though I was miserable before I was still confident enough to chat up the ladies. Now I can only imagine what went through their minds. Here I was looking like Santa Claus, on pain meds, brace on my right knee, very unhealthy looking trying to get the ladies to notice me :-)

    Body fat % - from 38.34% to 20.56%
    Junk food depression gone: Happy and smiling now
    No cravings what so ever
    Body is completely detoxed - I barely have to use deodorant, even after walking and sweating 3 miles under 38C. / 100F heat we had here last week. That's how you know toxins were completely purged.
    High Self confidence back!

    Ok, so it's been said that perception is everything. It truly is. 92 days went by like a blink of an eye. Thinking about it, what is 92 days to get your life back? I was headed towards disease and tons of medication, If I was impressionable enough to swallow the Dr's propaganda of Statin, cholesterol drugs, etc..... $15 a day juicing is a lot cheaper and a true solution! I am no longer a desirable customer for Big pharma :-).

    It feels really good to be free from all that.

    I want to see all of you reach your juicing goals, then long term goals.

    Juice fasting works....It works every time. This is why I made this my motto from the very beginning. If you trust the journey, and allow enough time (15 days) you will begin to understand and eventually KNOW it for yourself that it works. Once you "KNOW" something, nothing can stop you.

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    1 year ago

    July 30th 2017 - 222 Lbs / 100.69 kilos / 30.1 BMI
    Day 93 and 58 Lbs down - 164.0 lbs / 74.38 kilos / 22.2 BMI
    (26.31 kilos lost in 92 days) - Broke My Fast this morning
    **************** "Trust The Journey" *****************

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    1 year ago

    My fast breaking will last 6 days since I've been going for 90+ days of Juice only. It is important to start digestion slowly.

    Day 1 - 1 cup of blueberry in my green qt then blend to break fast with a smoothie. If I feel good, then an apple in the afternoon. Still drink my juices

    Day 2 - Repeat day 1

    Day 3 and 4 - Same as day 1 but add a large Leafy green only salad.

    Day 5 and 6
    - same as 3 and 4 - ok to add harder to digest vegetables like steamed Broccoli, celery carrots, cooked legumes

    If all goes well on day 7 I can try to eat raw nuts then if it digests ok I'm good to go, if not, keep repeating day 5 and 6, then try a day 7 again.

    If you gain 5 to 10 lbs when you start eating again, don't panic. Remember that after at least 30 days of Juice only, your colon which usually holds 5 to 10 lbs of food is now empty.

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    1 year ago

    July 30th 2017 - 222 Lbs / 100.69 kilos / 30.1 BMI
    Day 88 and 56.2 Lbs down - 165.8 lbs / 75.20 kilos / 22.5 BMI
    (25.49 kilos lost)
    **************** "Trust The Journey" *****************

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    1 year ago

    July 30th 2017 - 222 Lbs / 100.69 kilos / 30.1 BMI
    Day 87 and 55.6 Lbs down - 166.4 lbs / 75.47 kilos / 22.6 BMI
    (25.22 kilos lost)
    **************** "Trust The Journey" *****************

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    1 year ago

    July 30th 2017 - 222 Lbs / 100.69 kilos / 30.1 BMI
    Day 86 and 55.2 Lbs down - 166.8 lbs / 75.65 kilos / 22.6 BMI
    (25.04 kilos lost)
    **************** "Trust The Journey" *****************

  • WorldWide

    1 year ago

    July 30th 2017 - 222 Lbs / 100.69 kilos

    Day 85 and 54.2 Lbs down - 167.8 lbs. this morning 76.11 kilos (24.58 kilos lost)
    **************** "Trust The Journey" *****************

  • WorldWide

    1 year ago

    July 30th 2017 - 222 Lbs / 100.69 kilos
    Day 83 and 54 Lbs down - 168.0 lbs. this morning 76.20 kilos (24.49 kilos lost)
    **************** "Trust The Journey" *****************

  • WorldWide

    1 year ago

    July 30th 2017 - 222 Lbs / 100.69 kilos
    Day 82 and 53.8 Lbs down - 168.2 lbs. this morning 76.29 kilos (24.40 kilos lost)
    **************** "Trust The Journey" *****************



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    This group is for those whom want to adopt and learn the nutrient dense whole foods plant based Eat To Live plan.

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