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  • About: I'm a 37 year old wife and mom. My youngest child is on the verge of moving out and going to college. I work in retail management and also in accounting (gotta pay the farmers market bill, right? lol) My husband is an engineer and travels a bit for his company. We have both gained more weight than we care to admit and our health has gotten poor, mostly through neglect. I get chronic migraines, I have a bad knee, a year old neck injury and a recent back injury. My husband also has a bad knee and a bad back. We agreed we need to make a change.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I first saw Fat Sick & Nearly Dead after I decided to go on a juice fast. Seeing the movie gave me more conviction and sense of direction. I convinced my husband (a Texan) to do it with me (no easy task if you know anyone from Texas!) When I met my husband, he wouldn't eat Anything green... nothing... seriously... I tried hiding green foods in other foods (see other fairly well known cookbooks specializing in this culinary trick) and he literally turned to me and said, "This tastes GREEN!". After 9 years of marriage, we have managed to find a good number of green (plant based, not food coloring) foods he actually likes. So fast forward to me convincing him to do this with me. He had his usual reservations/ questions. "What all is involved?" "Am I going to feel hungry all the time?" "What will it taste like?" So I had him watch the movie with me. We are now on Day 5 of our juice fast. We have found recipes we hate, some we love and some we alter to fit our tastes/ what we have on hand. We've already learned a lot. We've already lost over 10 lbs each. I'm completely off of coffee but I'm noticing I have more energy (functional, get-through-the-day kind of energy not hyper, bounce-off-the-walls-and-make-everyone-you-know-hate-you kind of energy). My migraines are reduced to regular headaches. We have found that we don't feel a hunger or sense of deprivation. In fact, when I was counting my calories the first few days, I found it was difficult to reach my minimum daily calories. Anytime I feel hungry, I juice. I'm not too worried about not reaching my minimum goals calorie wise because every single calorie is so nutrient dense and worth more than 100 empty calories. I'm not starving. If anything, I'm finally really eating. Our struggle is with cravings. I'm still craving/addicted to those processed (hidden sugar) foods. I'm amazed that I don't even crave the coffee now, but I still crave certain foods! And it's the same for my husband. We are aiming for 2-3 weeks to complete our juice fast and another week on micronutrient whole foods with one juice per meal. Then we want to continue juicing supplementally with a periodic weekend reboot. We know big goals take a big support network. So that's why I'm joining this community.
  • Favorite Juice? one beet, two apples, and a handful of grapes... if it has a name, I don't know it
  • Food temptation? chocolate (in all it's glorious forms, though I stronly prefer dark), chips and salsa, steak, coffee, fudge rounds, pasta, and currently anything that can be bitten into and chewed...
  • Birthday: Sep 24

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    Pounds and Proverbs is a place, for those of us that have pounds to lose, to post words of wisdom that keep us moving forward in this journey to take back our health. Please, no theological debates.... keep that in a private message amongst yourselves. I see Joe Cross as the Evangelist to Health that Billy Graham is to Spiritual Health. I thank God for Joe Cross! ~Janet S.

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