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  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Coming back after a very long hiatus for some inspiration and to reconnect. We are hoping to be able to afford a 14 day fast coming up in April (After my birthday!)
  • Favorite Juice? New favorite!! "Bloody Mary" juice from the reboot kitchen. Yummers!!
  • Food temptation? Snacking- anything crunchy
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  • WendyHurts

    2 years ago

    Day 2 - Today was much more restful for me anyway. Hubby is still suffering the effects of an MS flare up after the shopping trip yesterday. Maybe next time he will listen to me, but he probably won't. Even Mom seemed to be doing better today. She was much more alert though her tummy still isn't all that good. She at least has better control over the BM "episodes" so she isn't wearing herself out cleaning up. Maybe that was a little too much info, but we're all friends here. I still believe she has developed a food allergy, maybe lactose intolerance. She hasn't had any milk in days, and that seems to be helping a little.

    I made a new juice recipe this morning for breakfast and really liked it. It was another twist on the carrot apple ginger that reminded me of carrot cake. I haven't juices for the rest of the day. I had enough leftover juice from last night to have again tonight. It never tastes as good the second night, but after 90 minutes of prep, juicing and cleanup last night, I needed a break. At least the chard juices nicely in the Omega. Tomatoes, on the other hand, not so much. After just 1/4 of a tomato, the juicer was clogged up with seeds and pulp, and the juice looked more like tomato paste than juice. Out came the old Breville. Had them done in 2 minutes. That is why we need two different juicers.

    The scale showed almost three pounds of water weight shed since yesterday. I am now down to where I was at the end of the last fast. Considering that I've done so poorly in the last week alone, I'm shocked but pleased. Maybe fortunately for me, even though I was not eating the right things, I wasn't eating enough of them to do much damage. On Sunday, lunch out was the only meal I had, except for some coffee while I got ready and balanced our checkbook. We never really did eat normal meals, mostly because it was cheaper to eat two instead of three a day. Now I'm a little more aware of how much I drink and try earnestly to get at least three 16oz juices a day. Is it enough? Probably not, but I'm not used to eating much anyway, so this works out.

    Today in my mailbox is sitting a nut milk bag that I purchased from Amazon. I almost can't wait to use it, but the next break is a little bit away from today. Some of the YouTube videos I've seen of folks making almond milk with the Omega juicer look so easy, even I could do it. One young man sweetened it with agave and flavored with vanilla, but I would start out and try it unsweetened first. Homemade nut milk looks so creamy and sinful, I will probably never buy store bought stuff again, assuming I like it. I don't see why I wouldn't, though. I told Mom today that I will probably never buy cow's milk again, except for a splash of half & half in my coffee. I haven't found a non-dairy, natural coffee creamer that isn't sickeningly sweet. I prefer to add my own sweetness and just have something to make it lighter. Try as I may, I will never like my coffee black. Just yuck.

    Tomorrow should be more of the same. Hubby still needs time to recuperate and I will most likely go to Mom's tomorrow to check on her and tidy her home up. Her carpet needs a good vacuuming, and my Dyson will do the trick nicely. I just have to remember to take it easy and pace myself, or I will end up in the same awful place where hubby spent his day today: misery.

    I'm out. The cats want to be fed their midnight meal and I'm tired anyway.

    Have a blessed "Hump Day!"

  • WendyHurts

    2 years ago

    Day 1 - We started our fast today with great success! After the junk yesterday, I didn't find myself to be awfully hungry like I expected. Somehow, I think the chicken wings are still swimming around in there trying to exit.

    Hubby did a lot of walking around the market with me today, and I tried several times to get him to sit and rest. But the stubborn man would not, and he's paying for it tonight. I parked after shopping about 40 paces from the front door, as close as I could legally get, to let him out so he wouldn't have to walk from our carport. He literally stepped out of the car door, took two steps and he was on the ground. He claims he tripped over the curb, but I saw his legs go out from under him and collapse. I knew that was a matter of time, and I'm happy he landed softly in the grass instead of in the parking lot. That man needs to learn to listen to me about pacing himself and knowing when to quit. He's suffering much tonight because of it, and it's needless. Too much away from juicing has taken a toll on him, too. I'm glad we're back into the swing of things.

    When I called Mom today, she was definitely not herself. She claimed that she forgot 'everything,' which was very disconcerting. A little probing and I discovered her TV shows were changed around from how she's used to them, and it got her muddled. She was able to tell me who she was, how old she is and her date of birth. She knew who I was, and hubby too. But I'm still going to call the doctor tomorrow to ask if he wants to see her again. I need to know about the cancer markers in her last set of blood work, and ask if he thinks the BRAT diet would help her GI upset. It occurred to me that the night we went to Carrabbas and we got the linguine with clam sauce that she had a clam that hadn't opened. I had asked about it, if it was safe to eat and we were told it was fine, but now I'm wondering if she doesn't have a touch of poisoning from that clam. Would it wait to show up almost a week later? And that's another thing... she hasn't been very honest with me about this whole thing. When did the diarrhea start, exactly? I don't know if she's told me the truth.

    I'm tired, been up since 9 am to juice and get ready for a 12 o'clock lab for hubby. My eyes are almost crossing as I type this, so I should wrap things up. Tomorrow's another day, and hopefully another good juice I won't mind drinking. We tried the "No fruit, no problem" veggie juice from this site today. Surprisingly good! I got rainbow chard for the first time and liked it. It's not as bitter as kale, and it's nice to get a different nutrient profile with it.

    Alrighty, I'm out before I start rambling like an old roadster. Have a blessed Tuesday!

  • WendyHurts

    2 years ago

    Day T minus 1 - I labeled this day T minus 1 because tomorrow begins a new juice reboot, and I am emotionally, physically and spiritually ready for this. The kitchen is tidied, the juicer is ready to go tomorrow morning and a tie-over amount of produce has been stocked for breakfast juice. We are starting with a favorite: carrot, apple, ginger with a sweet potato and some spinach. This reboot was supposed to start on Friday, but I've been stupid and we never made it to the market this weekend.

    This week has been nothing short of a disaster food-wise. It wasn't for my lack of preparation, but just being lazy and sore. Mom has not been feeling well with some GI upset, and she has me wore out with four to five phone calls a day, hearing the same stories over and over, and trying to get the truth from her is like pulling teeth. One day she tells me she is feeling okay, and two hours later she will tell me her gut is upset. The doctor is trying to work with me without worrying me unnecessarily, but getting straight answers from her is frustrating.

    Between all of the upheaval with Mom, the inspection, trying to get some spring cleaning done and the resulting pain, I've been not eating what I should be. I do try to make sure I am mostly vegetarian but today I totally blew it and had chicken wings and onion rings. While I enjoyed them, almost 12 hours later they are sitting like a boulder in my gut. And today was not the only day of sliding backwards into old habits. One night I sat and ate a small box of toffee with chocolate, and I justified it to myself because I am pms'ing. I'm so ready to put this all behind me again, get my body back in the juice mode and continue my journey toward healthy. The farther away from juicing I have gotten, the worse I am feeling. That right there should be my motivation to get back to a place where I'm juicing and doing things the right way.

    So tomorrow we both start fresh and new. I have decided, while I will do my best to find new recipes I enjoy, that I am going to stick this out, even if I have to hold my nose and chug it. Because the results are proven. Because I need this. Because I have too far to go, and too much to lose, literally and figuratively. Because I owe it to myself and hubby to be the best I can be, and I cannot reach that goal doing what I've always done. Because I want to live to see my 80s and be healthier than either of my parents at that age. Because I don't want to spend the rest of my life on narcotic painkillers and in unbearable pain.

    If it is to be, it is up to me, and NO ONE ELSE!!


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