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  • Athboy Rebooter

    5 years ago

    well done wayne...but you are eating meals in between will take you longer this way ..i am on day 29 tuesday at noon my fast is over...i have not eaten solid food since 28 of october..down 16 pounds up to last thursday and walking about a mile a day.....if you are fasting during the week and loosing a few pounds then you are putting it back on at weekends when you eat normal....it kinda like giving up the fags and going on the cigars...not much of a diff really....just my opinion....Ray p.s. would you not try a totally 10-15 day juice .fast...you would loose quite a few pounds for xmas and be able to fit more turkey in with room to spare...


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  • 40 Shades of Green (Ireland)

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    Hopefully this will be a group for those in Ireland that want to Jucie and reboot

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