• Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I've done the 3 day detox from Hungry for Change followed by a 5 day juice fast about a year ago. I felt AMAZING afterwards. Unfortunately I slipped back into old habits and gained back the weight I lost, plus some. I feel horrible, have no energy, more pimples than a 16 yr old, and weigh the most I ever have. I've recently purchased Joe's Reboot book and I'm ready to try again. I know that with the extra support from the online community, I can make it stick this time!! So here goes.....I'm gonna "Juice On"!!
  • Favorite Juice? Mean Green
  • Food temptation? Pizza and carbs

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  • Daily Support Group

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    Join here if you are looking for daily support and a place to share your experience with juicing!

  • Ohio Reboot Group

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    I started this group to connect and support other rebooters in an around the state of Ohio.

  • Health for Life

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    This is group is for health, weight loss, feeling good and getting back to the basics of a healthy lifestyle. We're supportive and your biggest partner in this journey.

  • Stay at Home Parents Rebooting with Kids

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    A group for stay at home mom's and dad's who are rebooting with kids. It is one thing to do a reboot with just you or with a spouse, but add kids to the mix and it can get more than a little crazy! I'm a SAHM with 3 kids, ages 9,7, & 6. On the go with sports, scouts, friends, birthday parties, etc. And home all day with a tv full of food commercials! Join me and lets support each other!! Together we CAN do it!

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