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  • Homeless For My Health

    Started by VivianBloomfield, Last reply by VivianBloomfield on 2013-03-03 22:17:41

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    I have another thread on "Real Change" on this website when it first started. I wanted to also introduce myself here and share my story....I have a blog Please check out my thread on "Real Change" and my blog. Right now I am not juicing as my circumstances (and finances) don't allow it BUT I am a successful homeless plant-based vegan or a PBV, as I like to refer to myself when labels are being tossed around regarding what type if lifestyle I live (I guess I should add PROUD to that, too:)!)....In 7 months, I have lost 66 pounds using the produce clearance rack, the food pantry and no kitchen, as I am homeless.

    Leafy greens and LOTS of <3 to all,
    Vivian Bloomfield:)!

  • Obese, Homeless AND Determined

    Started by VivianBloomfield, Last reply by Davidslk on 2018-05-03 15:03:45

    Number of Replies: 859

    Wasn't sure what Life Forum to start my Real Change made most sense because that's what I am going through in life right now. I needed to make some real tough "big girl" decisions. Like most Americans the Recession hit me, stripping me of my job and robbing me of every savings I did have, including my 401k. I DID find a new job right before my unemployment ran out. However, it pays me HALF of what I was making 4 years ago and LESS than what I was collecting on unemployment. As a result of relying on food banks during the 2 years I was unemployed, my weight piled on (I'm sure the stress helped with packing on the fat). I realize if I don't do something drastic, I WILL die. I'm 5'5" and weigh 345! CRAZY!!! So, it came down to HOW can I survive. The only logical answer was to give up my apartment and live in my car. I secured a storage unit for $75/month (I joke and tell myself it is the walk-in closet I've dreamed of my whole life). I joined a local chain gym costing me $10.90/month which is open 24/7 allowing me access to cardio equipment and a daily shower. I will have a budget of about $50-60/week for produce. I know that doesn't sound like much BUT a local grocery store has a reduced produce rack I intend to visit each day, especially since I won't have access to a fridge. I WILL have access to an electric outlet in the early morning hours so I can juice for the day and take it with me in the cooler I plan to purchase at the local Walmart. The local convenience store will let me have a LARGE cup of ice for twenty-five cents. I already own a Champion Juicer from years back so I feel one step ahead of the game:)!

    As of September 1st, I will be a "working homeless" or as I refer to my journey as "Homeless For My Health". I figure starting August 1st will give me some time to figure out juices I like so when 9/1 rolls around, it won't be too much of a stress while trying to adjust to my living situation.

    I feel having a laptop and internet access at the library and hopefully some support from this forum I will succeed at turning my ENTIRE life around so I CAN be in an apartment again. Right now, I am trying to treat this as an amazing adventure. A once in a life time opportunity:)! I know HALF the battle at succeeding at ANYTHING is having a positive mind and belief in yourself:)!

    I will try to post each day. I'm also trying to create a blog so that I can share pics and stats of my journey along the way.

    Thanks for reading my post:)! *D*B*A*,
    Vivian Bloomfield:)!


  • The 7 Day Club

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    Latest activity: 11/05/2015 02:26 AM

    I'm going to be doing a seven-day 'juice only' beginning Friday, June 26 until Thursday, July 2. Join me! (No food-talk, please)

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