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  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Why I've decided to join? A few reasons that way a ton: Reason # 1) Because I feel unhappy with my health and my weight, I feel I am aging at a lot faster than ideal rate, I feel literally miserable in my skin, and have the suspicion that I may be suffering from leaky gut syndrome. And when I say I literally feel unhappy in my skin, it is not because I am exaggerating or talking about body image (for now), I actually mean I have unhealthy skin to the point of it being embarrassing. I just cannot go on feeling as self-conscious as I feel because of this dandruff wrecking havoc on my hair and scalp, the granuloma annulare on the back of my hands, and the acne invading my face and neck. I am a clean person who bathes and washer her hair regularly (every day, sometimes twice a day), yet the dandruff I have is simply uncontrollable. I have tried everything!!!! well, almost everything: I have tried anti fungal shampoos, salicylic acid based shampoos, coal tar based shampoos, pyrithione zinc based shampoos, selenium sulfide based shampoos, melaleuca oil based shampoos, I have tried adding baking soda to my non dandruff-fighting shampoos, I have tried the no-poo method (which consists of washing my hair with baking soda water and diluted apple cider vinegar in water instead of regular shampoo), I have tried substituting hair conditioner with lemon juice, tried massaging my scalp weekly with lavender oil, coconut oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, castor oil, you name it! I have tried washing my hair every two days instead of every day, I have tried going on without washing it for a week, for a month, every three days, then back to every day, I constantly sanitize my hair grooming tools, but nothing, I mean NOTHING makes the dandruff go away! I have constantly searched on the internet for possible causes of severe dandruff to see if I could find something I could treat at the source of the problem, but never anything concrete. Finally one night I actually typed the question in my browser: can dandruff be caused by one's diet? Several links came up, but nothing too deep on the subject. However, it was enough to spark in me the memory of having read several good articles regarding something called Leaky Gut Syndrome about two or three years ago (even though many physicians are skeptical about the syndrome). That, or course made me want to feel like I found the panacea for my problem: eliminate ALL protein (animal and processed all together) unless it came from leafy greens, tubers, stalks, and roots, which of course led me to wonder if it would be possible to juice for the rest of my life instead of eating solid food. Then I typed in the question in my browser: Can juicing be done permanently? I found several links, but one of them led me to Joe's fatsickandnearlydead website. I watched the documentary and was amazed to see that even his skin condition went away too. Continuing with my skin... (deep sigh) I am sick and tired of having acne outbreaks when I haven't been a teen age kid for the past 15 years. My skin produces so much oil that the U.S. could try to invade it at any given moment (as Chef Gordon Ramsay said one time about a dish one of his contestants made during his show Hell's Kitchen). Yet, all these oils don't keep my skin from looking old and/or aging prematurely. I still think it is so unfair that at the age of 27 (I am now 34), and pretty much overnight, I somehow acquired facial creases that are not supposed to show up until one reaches her late 30s or early 40s. Reason # 2) I was especially interested also by the fact that even his coworkers noticed that Joe's mental performance became so much sharper than what it already was. That grabbed my attention in a very special way since I've always, always, always! even since my childhood, felt that my mind was in a constant fog (which is the reason why I chose the profile name of veggied-down brain); I feel like a vegetable and constantly fatigued. I feel like my mind and brain are cluttered and bogged down because no matter what I try, I keep on falling behind at home, at work, or anything else because I either digest information too slowly or constantly make mistakes that make me have to start tasks from the beginning. I know a lot of this could probably be caused by reading comprehension deficiencies, or stress, but I cannot ignore the powerful gut feeling I have that this unsatisfactory performance of my mind is deeply rooted in my nutrition since childhood, even though my mother was a health nut who prided herself in keeping us meat free (we did consume eggs and dairy, even while we went through our vegetarian spells as a family). But to all this, I always felt, even as a kid, that as meat free as we were something was not going well. Of course years later (when I was in my early 20s) I started finding all kinds of unfavorable information about gluten derived products, which of course alarmed me because growing up we consumed gluten pretty heavily as a meat substitute. I also realized, looking back in time, that we were doing the whole vegetarian thing completely wrong by having a diet high in starches in spite of NEVER missing a fresh green salad (without any dressing) at lunch and having home blended unsweetened fresh fruit juices prior to breakfast each morning. Reason # 3) My dad side of the family is plagued by heart disease and psychiatric/psychological disorders (depression, schizophrenia, dementia that I know of), and of course this goes back to the whole mental performance issue that scares me so terribly. Reason # 4) The fourth, and final (for now) reason: the side effect of weight loss. This wouldn't be an issue at this point of my life, but unfortunately I "was fat before I actually became fat." Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it? Well, such is the power of suggestion, especially coming from family members whom you think want the best for you. At 13 years of age, 1.5 meters tall (4 foot 11 inches), and weighing 52 kilograms (116 lbs) I started dieting because I unquestioningly bought into my mother's and oldest sister's claims that the reason why my body didn't have womanly curves at that age was not because I hadn't even started growing into womanhood, but because I was fat and ate too much (never mind that I was an active child who burned everything off swimming at the pool all year round). Unfortunately, all the dieting trashed my metabolism, and here I am 19 kilograms (40 lbs), and 20-some fad diets, later wishing I could get back to those 116 lbs. And of course having been prescribed anabolics under the claim that they would help me grow in height didn't help my case either. At the age of 10, I inexplicably and for no apparent reason stopped growing in height (unless the teasing and taunting in school was powerful enough to order my pituitary gland to shut down the height function). Then four years later at 14 years of age, and still at the same height I was when I was 10 (1.5 meters/4 feet 11 inches), my mother and I, already overwhelmed by the bullying I was enduring in school, decided to start our search for an endocrinologist (and/or other specialists) who would help us find the cause and the cure for my stunted growth in stature, but unfortunately we were referred to an acupuncturist who instead of treating me strictly with acupuncture, had the not so brilliant idea to prescribe me "vitamins" that were actually anabolics which instantly made me balloon up about 15 pounds (7 or 8 kilograms) instead of helping me reach the height I hadn't reached in the past four years. At this point, I know I will not grow any taller or reverse my facial creases by following this juicing reboot, but I definitely am willing to give juicing a try to get rid of all my other health issues. Something tells me that this will actually work.
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