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  • DanMiller BettyRae

    4 years ago

    How are you doing VegasEd? We have a face-to-face group starting in Vegas and have had a couple really great meet-ups so far. Lots of Juicing parties planned and get-togethers throughout the Vegas Valley. Touch base with us if you can make it -- would love to meet you and support your reboot efforts.

    Regards, Dan Miller





  • VegasEd

    4 years ago

    Hey, sorry for the absence. I felt bad that I didn't have any real good news to post. And I still don't. After trying different things, and not getting a real answers, I decided to take some drastic steps.

    First I gave myself some time off the diet. I've been eating like crap the past 5 days. I've kept track of calories. It's remarkable how on the salads it's a challenge to get up to even 1,500 calories. But a fast food place can throw on 2,700 calories in a single meal. I'm averaging between 5k and 6k calories per day. I've been keeping up on my swimming most days. I have not weighed myself yet, and I'm dreading do so. I'm just hoping to get a reset on my metabolism.

    Second, I've been beyond frustration with the lack of help from the "pros". I've come to the conclusion most dieticians don't know any more than we do. I don't claim to be an expert in fitness and nutrition, but I've been in business long enough to detect when someone's full of s**t. But there are genuine experts out there.

    I remember watching an interview with George Lucas about working on the original Star Wars. He talked about all the stuff he did that had never been done before, and all the problems he encountered. But he was able to hire John Williams to score the film. Lucas said he had hardly any input, but when he showed up he was thrilled at the results. And I don't think anyone of can imagine that opening crawl without the Williams soundtrack. It was the only thing that went right without a hitch. The moral of the story, according to Lucas, that when you can, hire the best.

    With all that being said, I thought long and hard about who the best would be in this space. And I think I made a pretty good choice. I'll share who it is when I have my first meal/workout plan. But I'll tell you that we would all agree his results are superhuman.

    He's currently putting together a custom plan for me, but did give me some initial feedback. According to him I was taking in far too few calories and wants me to keep my calories around 2,300 per day, as well as pump up my protein. So, I'll be going back to the salads tomorrow and adding a protein shake to boost the protein and calories.

    I'll start posting here more regularly. Hopefully I'll have more positive things to share than these past few weeks.

  • VegasEd

    4 years ago

    Day 98 - I'm at 389 today. I did the day off the diet and ate around the average calories I burn in a day, 4,600. I was at 385.5. The next day I went to 389.5. About what I expected. I was hoping it would be gone the next day, but I weighed in at 389. I would say if I'm not at 383 at least by Friday, this might be a failed experiment.

    Have been back on salads today without incident. So that's good.

  • VegasEd

    4 years ago

    Day 91 - 386.5 - Still slow moving. I canceled the Rise app. The "dietitian" was nothing more than a cheerleader who didn't bother to actually read anything I was writing.

    I'm maintaining my 3 salads per day, and incorporating a small snack. For example, yesterday I had three salads and a fruit cup from Jason's Deli. That brought in a total of 1,444 calories. According to my Misfit Shine, I burned 4,283 calories. This is pretty standard for a day. I'm usually running about a 3,000 calorie daily deficit. So very frustrating to lose so slowly. But I don't know what, if anything, to change. Of the calories I took in, 30% were carbs, 29% protein and 41% fat. That's far less on the carbs than recommended, which I would think is a good thing.

    I'm not happy with the pace, but I do feel pretty good, and I really think I see a difference in my appearance. So I'll just keep going with this for now.

  • VegasEd

    4 years ago

    Day 88 - Currently at 387.5. So still moving very slow.

    I had my meeting with the dietitian the other day. What a waste of time. I had to pull information from her, and even then couldn't really get any good details. I feel like the info she gave me either boilerplate answers, or off the cuff guesses. No concern really over what I was doing or my concerns. "greens are good", "burn more than you take in", "try to exercise", etc... No insight into the stagnation other than, "yeah, that happens". Maybe I just expected too much, but what I got was no different than if I just took any normal person to lunch and asked about nutrition.

    I decided to give the app, Rise, a chance. It's $15 per month and you upload your info and meals to get help by a dietitian. Once again just general comments with no real details. They appear to just look at the calories and if it's above 500 tell you to eat less. Better value from MyFitnessPal, and it doesn't really cost anything.

    I'm starting to think "dietitian" is just a flaky person career. I'm eating three salads per day, having a piece of fruit in the afternoon after my swim. Spending 2 - 3 hours per day in the pool, and walking a lot more. I'm taking in between 1,200 - 1,700 calories per day with a 40% carb, 30% protein and 30% fat breakdown. And I'm burning over 4,000 calories per day. I recently introduced a little weight lifting. Not sure of what else I can be doing.

    I do feel really good, and I'm thinning out in appearance. So I guess I'll just stick on this road and hopefully the scale starts being a little kinder.

  • VegasEd

    4 years ago

    Day 80 - 85 - Down to 288.5. Not much different still. I'm meeting with dietician at my doctors office tomorrow. Either they give me answers, or I eat them!

    Been swamped with a big project for work, but still sticking to my guns on the diet and exercise. I did have one meal outside the normal salad which was for the most part unavoidable. But I stuck to a 4 oz piece of salmon, a potato and broccoli. I did have a couple dinner rolls too. But I marked it all down and kept the day under 1,600 calories, 1,200 of which I burned through tracked exercise. That was Thursday night and I've been on task since.

    I'm doing 2 hours of swim time, and keeping my calories between 1,200 and 1,600. Every meal is a salad. I'm feeling good, just anxious to drop more pounds. I get that I am overall healthier and have put on muscle, but the sheer weight prevents me from doing more to better myself. Hopefully the dietician will have some answers... or else.

  • VegasEd

    4 years ago

    Day 78, 79 and 80 - Back up to 391. Very, very frustrating. I haven't heard back from my doctor on a nutritionist referral, so I'll ping him tomorrow. Although after reading up on things a bit, it looks like I'm looking for a Dietician. A dietician is an actual medical professional, where as anyone can claim to be a nutritionist.

    I tried pumping up calories yesterday to 2,726 (all in salads) while burning 2,000 in exercise and I gained 1.5 pounds. So I'm back to lighter salads again. I have not lost any weight in almost 3 weeks now. This is not going well.

  • VegasEd

    4 years ago

    Day 76 & 77 - Weight is still very frustrating. I'm now at 391. Just keep going bak and forth. I've adjusted my calorie intake, but still finding it hard to have a surplus. The good news is I'm working out a lot more. I'm really thinking about trying to make burning 2,000 calories on my fitness tracker a goal.

    I emailed my doctor and let him know it's been 2 weeks without any real weight loss. He seems to think it's muscle mass taking the fat's place. I do look much better, and I feel a lot better. But still, need to actually drop pounds. He's referring me over to a nutritionist next week, so I'll just get specific goals from them. I want to know the exact calories intake and output goals, along with the right mix of carbs/fat/protien for me to lost maximum weight.

  • VegasEd

    4 years ago

    Days 73, 74 , 75 - Still moving slow. I'm down another couple pounds and finally hit the 390 mark. That's 66 pounds down. Still so much to go.

    I notice it slowed after I started working out more. I'm hitting my 10,000 steps everyday now (through swimming, not stepping technically). So the last few days I started using my calories to 1,500 - 1,600. It's actually not easy to do that with salads and low cal dressing. But I'll eat a salad out every now and then, and I've added a piece of french bread and butter to each salad, and a 2 pieces of fruit everyday. That helps bring me up.

    I was trying to have a calorie deficit between intake and tracked exercise. But I think that was hurting. So I'm not having a 100 - 300 calorie surplus. For example, yesterday I brought it 1,571 calories, and my fitness tracker showed I burned 1,486. Not quite 100, but still a small surplus. And of course at my weight I'm probably burning another 3k calories per day just sitting on my butt.

    I'm also allotting for the idea I may be putting on muscle. I'm swimming two hours a day, and I can feel the muscle tightening. Plus I'm doing the testosterone, which is helping build lean muscle mass. I'm looking better, wearing small clothing, and feeling much better, so how the weight loss slowed, I'm still doing well. All in all, I'll probably only drop 12 - 13 pounds in March, which is slower than I like. I'm hoping April hits closer to to 17 - 20 pounds.

  • VegasEd

    4 years ago

    Day 72 - Down 2 pounds to 392. It's a nice drop, but only half a pound from where I was a week ago.

    Looking over the last week the only thing I changed was working out a lot more. I have burned more calories through tracked exercise than I brought in. I'm suspecting the large deficit is possibly the issues, so I'm going to try to close that gap and up my calorie intake a little. I don't want to work out less as I feel it's having a greater impact on my health overall. I'll track that next week and see how it goes.


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