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  • About: I've been a chef for 20 years. I've decided I'm tired of being "big guy".
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I watched the movie and I was moved..
  • Favorite Juice? carrot and apple
  • Food temptation? EverYthInG

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    5 years ago

    Hi vegaschef,

    Are you still with us?

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  • vegaschef

    5 years ago

    So I'm four days into my Reboot and over 15lbs lighter. Super energy and feeling positive!

  • vegaschef

    5 years ago

    So 3 days ago I started no caffeine ... That was successful and painful. 4th day and no coffee, soda, Monster, Rockstar, Tea w/ caffeine.. I do feel better knowing I don't need it to function. I also limited my portions of food with every meal. Taking advice from the program I cut way back on meat, and dairy. LOST 6lbs... Woohooo

    I started my REBOOT today. I was going to start tomorrow, but doesn't everyone start their diet on Monday. So I thought to myself what the hell, if I'm going to commit, just commit. So here I am on a new road to a healthier me.. :)

  • vegaschef

    5 years ago

    I've started to cut back on caffeine (no coffee, tea, soda for the past 2 days), since I start my journey on Monday. I don't feel as tired today as yesterday, and have high hopes for tomorrow.


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