• Location: 98092
  • About: My name is Tyler, passionate about juicing and raw foods. Although it has been a tough road staying on track, I continue to push my myself and never give up regardless of my fails. Stage 4 hodgkins, havent done chemo since 2010. I wish everyone(and myself..lol) strength and focus to stay on track. There are no limits to who we can become.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Last 9 months i have had struggles with staying on track. Like most of us i have little support in my home when they all eat the standard american diet. Look forward to connecting and crossing paths with amazing souls.
  • Favorite Juice? Kale, Cucumber, Carrot, Celery w/ a little bee pollen
  • Food temptation? fresh, hot cheeseburger

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  • Dust yourself off and try again... try again

    Started by Tylernol4pain, Last reply by Tylernol4pain on 2015-01-19 19:23:28

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  • Reboot do-over

    Started by Tylernol4pain, Last reply by Tylernol4pain on 2015-01-20 14:52:24

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    my sweet sweet son

  • Back to me, the real me

    Started by Tylernol4pain, Last reply by Tylernol4pain on 2015-02-19 06:34:58

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    here we go again


  • Seattle Rebooters

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    This group is for anyone who lives in the Greater Seattle Area and who would like to chat, socialize, or meet up at juice bars, for walks, or for just plain moral support.


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    Pacific Northwest Juicers Group! A place for us to connect! If you want a meetup in your local city feel free to share when & where! Let's help each other succeed at staying healthy!

  • West Rebooters! (Washington, Oregon, Idaho)

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    Are you leaving in these states? JOIN! This group is intended to be a support group for those who are rebooting, are maintaining their healthy life! Share your experiences, tips, advises, ANYTHING. Anyone can join! New Rebooters, Former Rebooters, Veteran Rebooters! Just 2 rules: 1. Respect everyone 2. Keep it appropriate


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