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  • About: I have an autoimmune condition called dermatomyositis. This is a rare condition which affects my proximal muscles. When my condition was at its worst, I had severe muscle weakness and wasting in my quads and shoulders. I experienced difficulty washing and blow drying my hair as I could not lift my arms up to my head. I had trouble getting dressed, walking up stairs, getting up from a squat or seated position and would fall down as I had no muscle strength). I started taking 60 mg of prednisone, IVIG treatments and methotrexate to help reduce the inflammation. I am currently on 12.5 mg of prednisone and will be on Imuran as well by my next appointment as the CK levels in my blood work are going up and not down. My weight has fluctuated with the onset of this disease going from 157lbs at 5'1 down to 112lbs when I was really sick and now I am at 135lbs. Which according to the BMI calculator puts me in the overweight category. *************************************************************** Round 2 So after my last reboot I was down roughly 10 lbs. Then I caught a virus that lead to me contracting a rare and potentially fatal blood disease called HLH. I was hospitalized for two weeks and put on extremely high dose steroids. My body morphed and I put on almost all of my weight. Now prednisone has tapered to the lowest dose in two years between 7.5 mg and 5 and I think all of the weight associated with prednisone has gone and what I'm left with might just be me! Round 3 I got down to 5 mg of Prednisone, was at 120 lbs last summer, returned to work after 2.5 years and had a flare in my condition putting be back up to 40 mg of steroids, plus methotrexate and an immunosuppressant. Now at 135 again and looking to reset. My thyroid blood test range puts me in the hypothyroid category-this is new and now I have high blood pressure-also new
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I have heard that diet can be helpful in reducing inflammation for those with autoimmune and have had a few false starts on my own. Hoping a guided reboot will set me on track. I did sign up for a 30 day reboot in 2016, but didn't follow through. Here I go again.
  • Favorite Juice? love the greens, cucumber celery
  • Food temptation? Popcorn, jujubes, French or Italian crusty bread and butter and COFFEE.
  • Birthday: Jun 30

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