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  • trixie568

    3 years ago

    i gainedback the 0.5.. Must be the soup. Sad sad sad.. But clothes fits better. No complains.

    Today, i am shopping for the last four days of my 30 day journey. Damn, i did it!

  • trixie568

    3 years ago

    D ay 25 today. Tomorrow is my official weighing day but I check the scale and for 4 days, i lose 0.5 kgs. (1.1 lbs).. So slow.... But my body kept on changing, re-shaping. I notice it on my tummy bulge.

  • trixie568

    3 years ago

    so hungry... Missing to chew...

  • trixie568

    3 years ago

    day 21

    I only lose 1 kg for the last 5 days.

    Start weight - 82 kg

    Current weight - 75 kg

    Target weight - 66 kg

    To lose - 9 kg

  • trixie568

    3 years ago

    Day 18

    So far this is the only juice from Joe's app that both mean green and orange juice doesn't taste strong. I like it. I notice that everytime i drink juice, i feel cold. Infact, i have been feeling so cold for the past few days now. Today, I am extremelt cold that I was thinking of not taking a shower (i did anyway). My body shape is shaping up! My weight, i refuse to step on the scale until I reach the official weighing day - 20 days.

  • trixie568

    3 years ago

    Day 16

    Today, i pass on exercise because i ran out of time - juicing for 3 people now. Then my hubby drank my sons juice because according to him our little toddler always gets the best one. Argh, but ofcourse it has to be more fruit otherwise he won't drink it. Anyway, i went to do my woodwork class, last day, i was hoping to finish my project but no i did nit finish it. I got home and slept. I felt exhausted, and slept according my hubby, for 3 hours. Felt good.

    Anyhow, i only lost 1 kg for the past 5 days. Plateau as they call it, for the pas couple of days. I am not discouraged, like i said, i sign up for 30 days then I might as well finish it.

  • trixie568

    3 years ago

    Halfway there... I had some of my son's broth today. Not a good idea but i just did, to have some salt . My taste bud is kind of bad. Anyhow, I still could not believe that I have done 15 days. No chnages in the weight scale, still the same as 5 days ago but tomorrow is my weighing day and we'll see. One thing I really notice though is that my legs is shaping up, my usual sweathshirts are not so tight anymore, infact it just fits perfectly. I tried on my fitted exercise pants thats used to bloat and wrapped my belly tightly is not the same anymore. I took out my spring coat and it now fits perfectly. The buttons are no longer giving up on my big tummy. I felt lighter in every possible movement I do. Not feeling tired nor hungry. I never felt better like this. Mood is great and not so temperamental.

  • trixie568

    3 years ago

    Day 13

    I got back to following the app - better. I used also Kale but I am so mad that I just could not extract juice from chopped leaves. Nada, zilch, zero, null, none! So, I made a soup out of the leaves. I did not get much juice from today's recipe anyway, so I need help. I don't feel hungry but just incase. It's kind of cold anyway.

  • trixie568

    3 years ago

    Day 11

    Something to learn, again. I made a mistake choosing another recipe, my stomach didn't like it. So, I immediately switch to the 30 days app. Anyhow, i just wanted to say that it really feels good when you exercise and you feel your body is lighter and you can do those exercises that are too hard before with a little bit easy now. Just saying!

    I really hope I will be able to finish this!

  • trixie568

    3 years ago

    Day 10, my mistake of drinking smoothie. This is fron Ava175, who responded to my inquiry.


    Ava1752 hours ago

    Hi Trixie, Joe answers the question on smoothies at this link:


    Also, here is a question and answer from Joe's book on almond milk.

    Q. Are soy milk, rice milk, and almond milk okay to use in my juice?

    A. I don't advise using these products during the time you are juicing. Although these milks can be healthy choices, best keep them for after your Reboot.



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