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  • About: I am 37 years old and a disc jockey. I have been in the wedding entertainment industry since I was 14 years old. I started juicing and eating non-processed or man manipulated foods approximately 5 months ago. I started at 208 lbs, and am currently holding between 168, and 171 lbs.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I wanted to build a support group that I can be a part of that carry the same message of hope for those who have struggled with their weight and the addictions of food.
  • Favorite Juice? Sunny Morning (spinach, Parsley, Carrot, Cucumber, apple, pear, and mango)
  • Food temptation? Doughnuts
  • Birthday: Apr 13

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  • Trewben

    3 years ago

    More than just juicing! It's more than just juicing. If I do a long reboot and then treat myself afterwards, more than likely I'm setting myself up for a massive failure. If it doesn't come naturally in the world, I don't put it in my body. I eat meat, local, grass fed organic and nitrate free. I eat nuts and seeds for protein as well. My experience has taught me that the moment I say I "can't" have that, then on the next opportunity, I will gorge on it. I need to remember it's not that I can't, it's that I can, and do I want to? The juice fast was just the beginning for me. Just enough to detox my body from the pollutants of preservatives and GMO's and get back to the natural me. From there, whether I eat or juice, it's about keeping anything manipulated by man, anything not naturally found in it's raw state, out of my body. It was about changing from the inside out. Once I detox my body and start introducing the good fruits and vegetables and nuts and berries and seeds, I start giving back to my body and treating well; hence, my body treats me well and says, "now let me shine for you!" everything got better. No more acid reflux meds everyday, no pain medicine for aches. I started feeling better and the weight loss was just a terrific side effect of treating my body good. Even before I lost the weight, I started feeling confident about myself because I knew I was treating my body great. I felt great telling people "no" when they would offer me junk food of any kind saying, "I don't put that stuff in my body". After a while, I started realizing how much of a slave to manipulated food I was. I started feeling so great physically and mentally, I started feeling almost like I had been no different than cattle - letting the food manufacturers taunt me, mainipulate me, and keep me wanting more. I was fat, lazy, depressed. That's no way to live!

    Today, I am no longer a slave to corporations and the food industry. I refuse to eat "food-like product" I will only put mother nature in my body. Today I am good to myself. But I have to watch going to extremes. For me, I cannot swear off to one thing entirely, It was a gradual process of adding in the good until it crowded out the bad to a point that I felt so bad when I snacked on junk, that I just didn't want to feel that way anymore... and I didn't have to. But when I run to extremes and just dramatically go toward one direction, I have to be very careful. I thank God for all the awful feelings I had to feel when eating bad every now and then after eating good, because I had to feel that bad to know how really good felt.

    Have a great weekend everybody! Support is here; you just have to stretch out your hand and ask for help. Stay plugged in! Be amazing today! You're worth it!

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  • Dos_Centavos

    3 years ago

    "Nitrate Free"

    When it comes to food, vegetables are the primary source of nitrites. On average, about 93% of nitrites we get from food come from vegetables. It may shock you to learn that one serving of arugula, two servings of butter lettuce, and four servings of celery or beets all have more nitrite than 467 hot dogs. (2) And your own saliva has more nitrites than all of them! So before you eliminate cured meats from your diet, you might want to address your celery intake. And try not to swallow so frequently.

  • Trewben

    3 years ago

    Fair enough and educational. Thank you for the information. That being said, something about ingesting it from a source where it occurs naturally as opposed the intake of food where it does not, adds a discrete sense of comfort. I have yet to find a hot dog tree.

  • Dos_Centavos

    3 years ago


    lol at hotdog tree!

    I only posted this because you have taken such an active interest in your food consumption. There is a lot to be said for educating yourself on what you consume, I just believe that there is always a reason to vet both sources and information posted.

    Even on Coffee. Delano report has an interesting article on this too. Link

    The internet can be a wonderful place for information, but how much of this is filtered by agenda alone? Take the Reboot site as an example. In one page they recommend not taking supplements, but in other posts will recommend them. Doesn't this make you wonder?

    If there are known deficiencies with these programs, why suggest stopping all supplementation? Why not just encourage a general Multivitamin?

    Years ago, (sorry for not being able to post a link), I heard about a study put out by the Cancer Society that stated that something like 30% of women will get breast cancer. This brought on the new age of women rushing out to get mammograms, and based on this information, rightly so. What wasn't stated is that 30% of all women that live over 100 years, will get breast cancer. Kind of a pretty important nugget of information, isn't it? I mean, the stats change greatly from Every Woman to Every Woman over 100 years old.

    In itself, you would think this to still be a good idea, cancer being the disease that it is, we should all be maintaining a close look out for our bodies. The thing is, is that in most recent studies it shows that Mammograms actually increase the occurrence of Breast Cancer in women by something like 38% because of the methods used. Meaning that women who frequently get examined for cancer are actually increasing their chances of getting breast cancer. Past this, some of the cancers that have been found are inactive but are still treated by chemo therapy, which in itself causes cancer.

    Really puts us into a lot of damned if you do, damned if you don't situations, but makes me believe that if we are going to go through the efforts of educating ourselves, we should really be doing the best job we can.

    Great job in your success, with the reboot program and even better for continuing on outside of the Juice Only.

  • Trewben

    3 years ago

    It may be cloudy out, but maybe it's all in my perspective. I know the sun's there, I just have to get out of my own way to see it. So I'm kicking it up a notch and handing out the sunshine today!

  • Trewben

    3 years ago

    Today I'm feeling great from the inside out! I'm staying plugged in, and ready to help. I find that when I put myself in a position to give all that I can, than there's nothing anyone can take away from me. The main ingredient in this morning is a smile!

  • Trewben

    3 years ago

    Loving Life and LIVING life! Who wants to just exist? I'm busting down the doors with a 72 and sunny attitude. Some hot tomato juice to start off the morning, then onto the sunny morning detox and energy drink

    Off to work to throw a little sunshine around :)


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    Wondering whether coffee is something to stay away from as long as it's black

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    Read the labels and don't be afraid to ask questions

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    Daily Support On Feeling Good From The Inside Out.


  • Support group for people with food addiction

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    People with food addiction keep eating foods that are killing them and diseasing their bodies even though they know that they are hurting themselves. We can't "just to it"! We need help, encouragement and support. I am in that boat and would love to help others and myself to get over chronic health problems or weight gain by supporting, encouraging and holding each other accountable in a positive way.

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    Welcome new Members! Finding the videos of fellow juicers has never been easier! On a Juice Fast, Modified Fast or Reboot? Share your daily or weekly videos with us. This is a safe environment - non judgmental and supportive to newbies and experienced juicers alike. I'm not asking for the kind of respect reserved for nuns, the elderly, and brain surgeons. Just be mindful of your comments and don't abuse the individuals in this group. This is a place where people can without fear share their journey. Even if you think that your comment might be funny or written in a joking manner, it may actually be hurtful and insulting to someone else. We don't all share the same sense of humor. Please comment only if you have something nice to say, an encouragement or advice. Questioning someone's practices, progress, validity or lecturing them is NOT permitted in this group! I trust you to be responsible & Let's follow this path towards health and happiness together! =) HERE IS THE LINK TO THE VIDEO PLAYLIST WHERE U WILL FIND MY ENTIRE 100 DAY JUICE JOURNEY IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER: AND HERE IS THE LINK TO THE BREAKING MY JUICE FAST PLAYLIST:

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