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  • Affects of Pesticide ridden fruits in Juicing

    Started by Thycknyss, Last reply by Paisley26 on 2014-09-10 22:37:01

    Number of Replies: 17

    I'm considering doing the juice fast. There is a constant debate of organic vs. non-organic. In my case, organic is expensive. I've seen the "dirty dozen" list. But I wonder what are the ill-effects of using non-organic fruits and vegetables. Fruit & vegetable nutrients are intensified by juicing rather than eating. So how does the presence of any pesticides play into juicing. Now, I can make my own determination, but I would like an educated response to my inquiry.

    I've tried a couple juices, one being the Garlic Express, and a couple for insomnia. I'd like to get a feel and idea of what juicing will be like. What the juices will taste like in place of a meal. I did not use organic vegetables. And, I'm just curious because aside from USE ORGANICS, it doesn't seem that much more is said about it.

    Would love some feedback. Thank you.

  • Juicing multiple recipes at one time

    Started by Thycknyss, Last reply by everydaycrystal on 2013-04-23 00:44:33

    Number of Replies: 3

    If you make 5 different juices at one time to be used throughout the day, how do you clear out the previous taste before juicing the next concoction?

  • 60 Juice Fast -- March 1st start date

    Started by Thycknyss, Last reply by carlomarx on 2013-04-24 18:03:34

    Number of Replies: 82

    Afternoon All,

    This is my day three. Things seem okay for me. Slight headache day 2 & day 3, but nothing ALL day or POUNDING. I only mention being nauseous, but it did not last 5 minutes. I've wanted the food I smell and see but have not touched a bit/bite. I'm the ONLY one doing this fast in my home. Thus far I've been strong s I watch them eating. My problem is my late night eating. I haven't eaten anything but I thought I would go insane for wanting something SOOO bad.

    The problem I am having is with my juicer, the OMEGA BMJ330. I purchased it in Jan 2013. I started juice fast on March 1st. the 2nd and 3rd it's been leaking juice onto the base of the juicer. I'm not happy with that. However, I will say that the beginning the 2nd I juiced EVERYTHING I needed one after the other. I juice seven different recipes. Tomorrow I will try juicing 3 or 4 then clearing out the cover or hood of the juicer. I hope that does the trip. If not, I am not going to be a happy camper. I'd hate for my juicer to be the problem during my juice fast.

    Also, I feel like all I'm doing is selecting f&v (fruits & vegetables), cleaning f&v, washing parts of the juicer machine & washing the many containers needed to hold the f&v juice. Or, having to run to the store to buying f&v. This is my complaint. Do you feel like trying to do this juice fast is taking up a whole lot of time. And it does take money.

    Welcome feedback. Happy juicing (can I say that after complaining?) :)


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