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  • About: Im Steve. Now in my 30's, no longer a spring chicken, had twins 2 years ago. Since having kids have thought a lot about a lot. Now want to change for them, for me and for others too. I set up a small business, its going ok but I now work more hours than I ever have (sometimes over 20hrs per day), I eat bad, rarely sleep, have put on weight. My business will succeed without me working such oscene hours and if it doesnt then I now have a backup plan. The bad habits teamed with my disability means my mobility has gotten slightly worse. I lost faith in the medical system recently after one or two major incidents in my life concerning people around me. Also through mistakes that were made whilst I was a child and certain medical operations back then that have negatively affected me now. I now want to stop looking to people for answers as they clearly don't have them so I will do something myself to live better. here I am :)
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Im gona keep this short as I have a tendency to ramble on a bit. I have been watching, listening and learning about all sorts of stuff for years. Now for the past few weeks / months I have been concentrating more on this topic. I have known about the movie for a while but never watched it until I had learned a bit more and was about to start my change and "reboot" as you describe it. Im pleased to say my juicer has arrived. I have stocked up on fresh produce and thrown out the burgers and chips and begin tommorow. I finally watched the film yesterday and have to say that even tho I didnt want to do the same I have pretty much down the the letter been the same as you Joe. I went out and ate a second dinner (wish I hadn't) have been thinking oh crap its tomorrow that is make or break. Not sure how its gona go but I feel I should do it for my kids. I want them to be healthy so I cant teach them that unless I am too! The movie is amazing and as I thought was indeed the final motivator. I am set the 60days begins tomoz. People are trying to talk me out of it and think im nuts. My partner doesnt think I can do it. I have had to tell everyone I am just going to try for 14 to 30 days not the real 60 that I am aiming for. If I said 60 they would probably have me chucked in the loony bin! ..the weirdest thing about society is that people dont seem to want other people to do good. I don't know of they honestly think they are right or if it is that deep down they know they are wrong so maybe it is more an aspect of wishing they too were giving it a go and trying to better themselves. Either way all the negativity is great as it's really making me want to prove everyone wrong and actually do this. I don't know if I can succeed by by joe il give it a go. If you want to give me some help il accept mate. Good on you for doing it and good on you for helping others. Thanks a mil.
  • Favorite Juice? Don't know yet, about to start juicing tomorrow. Ask me again in 60days ;)
  • Food temptation? Meat Pie, Mash & Liqor

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  • theMiniMen

    5 years ago

    So that's it, im into day one of my reboot. I want to make 60 but am aiming for 30 to see how things go. I tried a few juices yesterday after my new Juicer (Optimum 400 vertical masticating juicer) and Blender (Optimum 9400 similar to Vitamix) arrived in the morning. Went OTT on the greens in the 1st one I made and have to say it was not good. I think some of that is down to the fact that my palette was shot due to my horrendous diet for years.

    Fingers crossed that the Reboot will help me to get healthier then I can begin a more active and healthy lifestyle with a new diet. Started off today (Day one) with half a pineapple and an orange juiced. Will be making a Mean Green later.

    Feel free to watch my journey on YouTube, just google the MiniMen or find the link to my YouTube channel on my website at:

    Look forward to hearing from you all :)

  • theMiniMen

    5 years ago

    About to start juicing tomoz. Took a while to get me here but its make or break time. Had two dinners last night which was stupid as it's gona be even harder now. Here goes feel free to watch my journey on YouTube.

    Lets see if the haters get their laugh and I fail ;)


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