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  • Rebooting in Ohio

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    Latest activity: 12/26/2015 02:23 AM

    First time rebooting and could use some encouragement =)

  • New 15-Day Reboot April 15th! Led by experienced Rebooter!

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    Latest activity: 08/20/2016 12:38 AM

    Hi Everyone! I started and led a successful 15-Day Reboot this past January, which went so well that the group decided to extend it to 30 days! So for this new 15-Day Reboot, starting Tuesday April 15th through Wednesday April 30th, I'm happy to log in each and every day and offer my support to any of you who are new or struggling. You are guaranteed daily support if you join this group! I'm being joined in this by my best friend from California, who's doing his first 15-Day Reboot, so we're already two and looking for as many of you new and experienced Rebooters who want to join up and experience success and good times on your Reboots!

*Individual results may vary. Reboots are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any medical or health condition. Reboots are not recommended for everyone, and before commencing a Reboot or any other nutritional or dietary regimen, you should consult with your qualified health care provider in order to assess any potential benefits or risks to you with consideration of your personal medical situation. You should also continue to work closely with your qualified health care provider if you intend to engage in a long-term Reboot. Our Guided Reboot Programs are not advised for women who are pregnant or nursing.