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  • OneThirstyZebra

    1 year ago

    Sorry, Suzan. I think I've been posting on "your wall" (whatever that is) instead of in a separate message to your message box. Oops! I'm not very good at this internet "chat" stuff. I'm likly the only person in the current world who does't use facebook. Sorry, everybody.

  • OneThirstyZebra

    1 year ago

    What's the name of your new juicer? I have a juice extractor like Joe used in his 1st movie. Then when I was on an assignmnet in Pheonix Arizona a friend turned me onto the Nutra Bullet and juicing alfalfa sprouts as the greens. That became my favorite. Put in a little fruit, like a couple oranges, or a mango and a few ribs of celery and/or cucumber and yummmmy!!!! It comes out a little thick in the Bullet because all the fiber is still in the drink, so add some water to thin it down. Do you use a straw? I bought some large straws to gulp the not-so-yummy-concoctions that I just don' want to throw away and feel I should drink because of their health value. Is your pee yellower? (sorry, just askin' so I can compare myself to "normalcy." I have no one else to ask. . . . . )

  • Suzan

    1 year ago

    we just got the Breville juice fountain (from an online used site - I believe for 60 cad)...... was mother's day gift like I mentioned. REALLY liking it. The last one was a waring model that we had also bought used (we try to buy used whenever and whatever we can), and we had really put it through it's paces. We bought it years ago when we saw FS&ND for the first time. Around that time my husband started noticing his aging more, and we committed to having a "healthy month" every year during our birthday months. We did one month of juicing that year and it was the best either of us had felt in a long time (by the end). It was easier having a buddy too (although juice volume was profound)...... this time around I'm doing it for weight loss, and he does not have same need (he could lose 5 or ten, but I started out needing to lose 80 and have struggled with the first ten for two years.... time to go for it!)

    pee is more yellow when I don't drink enough water!! :)

  • OneThirstyZebra

    1 year ago

    Hi, Ottowa-girl. Well, so a handful of popcorn here and there or a string bean left over on our child's plate. . . . no matter, at least it wasn't eatting a whole pizza. You're still juicing, though. Plus you did the 2K run and that probably burned off any "bad" thing you may have eatten. I wish I could say that I've been juicing regularly. I can't seem to get into it and only stuck with it for only 5 days. But, i still count the 5 days victory. I start my day off juicing and doing okay, but then I just end up eatting meat so that I can feel full and satisfied, I guess. Deli meat, I think cuz like you Ive been craving salts and that's loaded with salt. I can't stay away from meat so I guess I shouldn't be in he newbie juicing class, cuz I feel like I'm the only one who's "cheating." Yes, I'm a fraud! I don't know how everyone is doing it, for 60 days, I'm so envious. I've lost 8 lbs, but haven't lost even an ounce more in the week and a half that I've been juicing. Maybe I should buy a new juicer, maybe I could get more enthused. Also, was wondering if eatting fruits/veggies is okay? I've been eatting asparagus. And, today I ate 1/4 cantelope. Neither were blenderized. I am such a cheater! You keep going at it, girl. Loose weight for the both of us! Were you always a runner? Did you have to work your way up to 2K?

  • Suzan

    1 year ago

    the appetite hump is hard to break through - i'm the same, and hand full of this or that (crackers and hummus are my weakness.) I've been able to get to four day consecutive once, and three days another time (I'm sixteen days in), but I mentioned the salt craving hit the roof (since I added more celery to juices this is resolved a lot), but I also keep getting this intense need to chew - not hunger based at all, just the urge to be chomping on something. very weird. I have to stop buying these crackers we keep in the house - they are SO delicious and my kids love them, but I find them really irresistible..... must stop eating the crackers...... put the cracker down!!!!


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    Reboot to lose weight and regain health

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    JOIN ME!!! I have a challenge for us... Let's do this for 30 days!! If you fall off just get back up!! But see... We WON'T fall off! Let's prove to ourselves that we are capable of doing this. LET'S BE A TEAM! Let's start living a healthier lifestyle. You even being on this site is already a start. I need some motivation and I can motivate you as well. Let's help eachother out. Let's stop trying and start doing. It may be hard but it isn't impossible. WE can work together and push eachother. On our days when we feel like giving up, let's speak up and seek some words of encouragement. I'm starting today but even if you see this post late, STILL join. I will push you and help you reach your goals. If you're not joining, I would appreciate any advice or any words to motivate or inspire me. I'm on day one and I'm fighting! I'll be posting my recipes and experience day by day until WE reach 30 days. If you stop after 30 days, don't go back to old habits! EAT HEALTHIER and excersice. Do it for your own good. Love yourself enough to make this change. Question for you... Do you want to be happier? Do you want to feel more energy? Live longer? Be able to do things you were never able to? THEN START TODAY AND SEE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE. I know you want to look into the mirror and see a difference for once. Trust yourself and give this your all. Change begins with YOU. Remember that hard work pays off and great things require hard work. Btw, a BIG thanks to Joe! You helped me start TODAY and stop making excuses.

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    Lovely, supportive and encouraging group for everyone who is starting with reboot and needs a place to get motivation, advice and juicing company.:) Feel free to join! Lots of friendly chat and support only. I would appreciate no food talk. :) Happy juicing! Trust the journey!

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