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  • Day 8 f 60 days

    Started by StuartW, Last reply by CMSMITH609 on 2013-01-04 12:54:51

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    Hey Guys
    Im doing the classic reboot for 60 days and its day 8. Im getting use to the juices and making the ones that I like and trying to remember to keep up on the veggies in the juices. I am sleeping so well and Im not feeling hungry like I have on other programs. If I get hungry I reach for about 500mls of water or some Mean Green. I have lost 9kg in the 8 days and I am pretty excited about how Im feeling. It might sound like a lot of weight but when I came home after Christmas I felt really sick and weighed in at 181kg. I can feel the energy starting to "reboot" into my body from all the good fruit and veggies.

  • 15 day classic x 4 = 60 days, Day 17

    Started by StuartW, Last reply by Johnny Holiday on 2013-01-13 08:21:26

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    Hi Guys
    Just reporting in on my progress. I decided to cycle through a 15 day classic reboot. So that means 5 days Juice and Veggies/fruit, 5 days just juice, 10 days juice and veggies/fruit, 5 days just juice, 10 days juice and veggies/fruit, 5 days just juice, 10 days juice and veggies/fruit, 5 days just juice, 5 days juice and veggies/fruit.
    Im on day 17 so have just completed my first cycle I was 181kg and am now 167kg so have lost 14kg (31lbs). Im sleeping much much better as well as learnt that I have been connecting everything with food. If Im happy I eat, if Im sad I eat, If Im worried I eat. During the juice portion of the reboot Ive had to drink at least 3 litres of water a day to stay suffiently hydrated. I felt nauseous through days 10-14 and have had headaches through days 5-8. Some friends came over and bought hamburgers with them but the thought of junk food makes my stomach turn so I just had my juice. I think Im walking through a life chainging experience. It feels really weird to be caffeine free. I havent felt relaxed for wo long Ive forgotton what it feels like not to be cranked up on diet coke. Im not sure if this weird feeling is just what feeling normal is like or if its the toxins moving out of my system.


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  • Reboot finished! Now what?

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    Have you finished a reboot and are concerned about next steps? Let us join together to support each other in completing the next step. Let this be a space to encourage each other in a positive way. We can share tips, recipes, planning tools, strategies, and pictures of our meals.

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