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  • My eye sight is decreasing while juicing?!

    Started by Stinkytoe, Last reply by Halloway on 2017-08-05 06:35:31

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    It seems my eyesight has been getting worse on this fast. I don't mean just "blurry vision", or any kinda dizziness. I Mean... like when I read something... It is harder for me to read.
    Sometimes my eyes even feel sore... or "sunken"....
    My far sightedness has become worse, and it is a little scary. I am only 28 years old. I am wearing glasses right now that I do not need to wear very often because they are for prolonged reading/video games to avoid eye strain.

    Is there something I am doing wrong? Or something that I should be doing?
    I could not find much information when I searched this online.

    I don't drink a lot of "sweet" juices. most of mine are green. Because If I drink a lot of sugary things, I have a really bad sugar crash... like hypoglycemia. I have been fine with the juices I have been consuming. I never feel shakiness or anything, so I think my juices are ok?
    I have also been adding vegan protein powder, and ingesting around 40mg of protein a day.

    I even tried to make juices that were "for eye sight"... Nothing changed.
    I am on my day 4, and I had a great amount of energy today compared to other days... I came home and just... lumped on the couch, it was like I was suddenly spent.
    My eyes actually felt like they were sinking into my head.
    The "good" thing is that I have oddly NOT had head aches though!

    I must sound weird. But, I am quite concerned, I don't want to stop my fast... But, I might need to if this stays this way...


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