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  • RAMBR0

    4 years ago

    Hi there Sterling Girl...I read a post from you yesterday while at work but didn't get a chance to reply (and now I can't find it!!). I do remember you asked if I started my reboot yet, and the answer to that is not yet. Still looking forward to this Vegas trip (7 days from now), And while I know I'm not going to go totally crazy, I will be partaking in a few things that even I now frown on; hint:I haven't had a drink for around 3 months!

    I'll be buckling down and getting back to business as soon as I return.

    What I have been doing these past few weeks however is...work out! I can feel myself getting stronger, so I'll have to find the right balance between juicing and working out.

    I have my annual physical in the morning, so off to eat something before that 12 hour fast (blood tests included in the physical).

    I sure would like to here how things are going with you, how's the new group...lively I hope ;-).

    Talk to you soon, bye for now


  • Sterling Girl

    4 years ago

    Hi Rambro!

    I think that last post I made was on your wall. Since it took me until after our reboot was finished to realize I had a wall to post on, I'm not surprised you "lost" it.

    I think that's awesome that you're working out. Several years ago, I was battling the bulge myself at 240 lbs and in a size 22. I worked it off doing the Body for Life program which included a steady program of weight resistance training. In 3 months I was down to a size 14. And eventually I got really buff and was down to a size 10. Unfortunately, life has a way of throwing curves at us and I fell off the wagon about 5 years ago when I was under extreme duress. I am now at 184 and I really think that what makes it the most difficult for me to function is the swelling and inflammation that I experience. The reboot was fabulous because it reduced my inflammation so much! Even around my eyes I could see a huge difference. I now notice what things I am more sensitive to . So that is helpful to me in knowing what to cut out. Alas I digress, I wanted to tell you that I really believe that it's a fabulous thing you're doing by working out. Stick to it and I know you'll find yourself feeling more powerful and empowered by it and that will fuel your desire and motivation to stick to eating healthier foods and taking care of yourself. I know it sure made a difference for me in the past. And to bring things to the present....my work just finished a putting in a new gym for employees only. It is really nice and no cost to use. So I started working out last Monday--the routines I once used are starting to come back to me. I hope my muscles have a really great memory, too!

    Good luck exercising, have fun on your trip, and we'll chat more when you get back!

  • RAMBR0

    4 years ago

    Just a quick line to say hi, ("Hi") and hope that all is well in your journey to health. Let's keep in touch and share health. I'm currently going through a stage of making myself mad at the food industry by watching some of the presentations made by industry leaders as to how "Big Food" has snared us in their trap. Not sure if this method is working...I may need to something a little more positively reinforcing.

    Hope to hear from you soon and how you're doing.

  • Sterling Girl

    4 years ago

    Hi Rambro, sorry I haven't written back sooner. I think that is a positive step you are taking. It will help you to make more informed decisions about what you eat. And I thing what you learn will help you be stronger in your resolve. I would love to hear about what you learn that helps motivate you. Keep in touch!


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