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  • About: I am a Jazz Vocalist and Artist living in Chicago, IL USA. I also have Lupus, and the reboot has helped put me into remission :) and my rashes are gone!
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  • With the Reboot I put my Lupus into remission!

    Started by Solitaire Miles, Last reply by Runs with Poodles on 2012-07-27 23:58:24

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    I have Lupus, a genetic auto-immune disorder that can cause bleeding rashes on your skin, as well as fever, joint pain and organ failure. It runs in my family and I was born with it. With the reboot, I have changed my life and healed my body by raw juice fasting and ridding my diet of all processed foods and preservatives, and keeping myself away from fragrances and household chemicals that irritate skin, like fabric softener or air fresheners. I used to have to live on steroids to keep the rashes down, but now that I juice fast and eat a natural, mostly raw diet, I am rash and symptom free, and the Lupus is in remission. It's a miracle, and all it took was a little determination and changing the way I eat and live. Thanks Joe, for your inspiring movie!

  • Fasting and Auto-immunity

    Started by Solitaire Miles, Last reply by Hisconfidence on 2013-02-19 12:15:09

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    Here is a great scientific abstract that discusses why fasting can be helpful to auto-immune disorders. It's not too techy, so if you take a few minutes you can follow most of it :)

  • Social changes and pressure

    Started by Solitaire Miles, Last reply by Solitaire Miles on 2012-06-17 19:02:54

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    I've done a 10 day reboot, I'm following up with juicing daily and eating mostly raw foods and my Lupus is in remission and I've stopped taking steroids to treat rashes, and I feel great. I have lost a great deal of weight but now I'm finding it hard to get along with friends and family a bit...
    Many of my friends are very overweight, and they are sick too. Arthritis, MS, Lupus... and if they don't want to watch Joe's movie or listen to my testimony, that's ok. I don't push it on them. But it's so hard to be around them, hearing about how sick they are, and watching them stuff their faces with spaghetti, chocolate dipped bacon, cheesecake... you name it. No wonder they are sick! Anyhow, I am slowly moving away from them I fear, and it's a sad thing to watch them eat themselves to death. I am trying to make new friends, but it is certainly a big social adjustment, as is being much thinner.
    Has anyone had issues like this, while doing a reboot? Has choosing a healthier lifestyle caused you to lose friends, or even your marriage? I'm lucky that my husband John likes Joe's movie, and is doing a reboot himself, so we are still close and not arguing about this, but last week when I refused to meet a friend out for dinner at a cheesecake restaurant.... Food is such an addictive substance in American culture, and a basis of our socializing. I have recently started to attend OA meeting as well, and they are being so helpful with all of these issues but I also wanted to address them here.

  • Reboot can be good for Doggies too :)

    Started by Solitaire Miles, Last reply by Solitaire Miles on 2012-06-18 11:57:52

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    We have 2 Aussie Cattle Dogs, and they have very sensitive skin. I've tried every kind of dog food, and nothing keeps them from getting rashes, so at the suggestion of our groomer, I've been cooking salmon and fish scraps for them which has helped them so much. But I've recently added the veggie mush that's left over from the juicer and the LOVE IT, they go crazy over it. So now they are getting all the fiber and leftovers from the juicer along with their salmon, and their fur is growing in thick and shiny and healthy. Reboot can be good for Doggies too!

  • Reboot and Protein

    Started by Solitaire Miles, Last reply by Stacy Kennedy on 2012-06-12 08:35:17

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    I am a body builder and I lift weights daily, and I'm concerned about getting enough protein during a reboot. Do you have any suggestions? My doctor wants me to get 50 grams of protein a day, is this possible with just juicing?

  • Eating disorders and stress

    Started by Solitaire Miles, Last reply by Maureen on 2015-04-12 15:21:45

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    The Initial reboot, weight loss and healing are the honeymoon, but then reality sets in after more time goes by and when you are tested by stress how do you cope? What do you do to deal with food addiction?

  • Lupus is out of remission

    Started by Solitaire Miles, Last reply by Solitaire Miles on 2015-07-07 16:11:15

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    I am going to try to stop this Lupus flare with a reboot instead of Prednisone

  • Gazpacho juice

    Started by Solitaire Miles, Last reply by Solitaire Miles on 2015-07-06 13:47:42

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    I love Gazpacho in the summer

  • Epilepsy and juice fasts

    Started by Solitaire Miles, Last reply by Solitaire Miles on 2015-08-07 15:29:20

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    Epilepsy and fasting

  • Getting back my life

    Started by Solitaire Miles, Last reply by cynthia on 2016-11-08 22:00:51

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    I am a daily juicer but recent illness has set me back and I need help


  • Defeating Lupus

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    I was diagnosed with Lupus in July 2014. Now I am recovering through the integration of holistic healing modalities including diet . I got inspired and decided to join this community . Let's juice together ?


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