• About: I'm a creative free spirited person struggling to get out of this shell I've cocooned myself in with food. I'm tired of the weight and really need to move on.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I happened across Joe on another documentary called Hungry for Change which led me to FSND. After watching his story and Phil's, I was inspired and had hope for my health and felt that I could give it a try.
  • Favorite Juice? Too new to juicing to have a fav yet.
  • Food temptation? Anything hearty and warm. I always liked vegetables, but I love meat too. A juicy steak paired with stuffed mushrooms or stuffed tortellini would be divine!

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  • snappyfu

    3 years ago

    So I'm still going strong on the juicing with no cheating and heading into my 3rd week.

    I've had a couple hiccups.

    I had oral surgery and got my wisdom teeth pulled out - all four of them. Thankfully juicing is easy for the recovery because I can't eat solid foods anyhow while healing. With all the nutrients going into my body from the juice...I expect to heal pretty quickly.

    Just the night before the surgery, my father passed away. The family felt that it was important to go ahead with it, so I went and this weekend I've been stuck in recovery mode at home so I juiced enough for a few days the day after because I expect on Monday that I'll be joining the rest of my family in making preparations and I'm not sure how hectic it's going to I want to have time to mourn and go through the grieving process with the rest of my loved ones.

    A couple discoveries I've made along the way...

    1. Arugala is not the best in a juicer.

    2. Curly kale isn't as good as Lacinto kale for juicing.

    Both create too much pulp.

  • snappyfu

    3 years ago

    Hi all. Ok. I've been terrible about keeping up with my wall. I'm finishing day 10 with no cheating! I just finished a doctor's follow up and according to their super duper accurate scales I've lost 16.5 lbs.

    Earlier I thought I was at around 20 lbs lost, but that's because my at home scale is wildly inconsistent and not as accurate as the nice one at the doctor's.

    I'm happy to say that I'm in good health according to the lab work. So go me!

    I'm still walking daily...but now I'm adding other fun stuff like weights and bands and trying out some yoga.

    Yoga is hard, though because I still have a lot to lose.

    Still I'm feeling great. Almost so great that I feel odd. Like I can feel the weight around me as if it weren't really part of my body and I'm some skinny girl carrying around a lot of packages all the time. porn.

    I keep thinking about food and fantasizing about it. That's something that's been happening the last two or three days. Every time I notice it...I think about how great it's going to be when I'm done with my Reboot and I've met my goals.

    So I try to visualize that instead of food porn and that helps me a lot.

    Me thinks I should try incorporating some meditation...

    Things that make you go hmmmm....

  • snappyfu

    3 years ago

    Whoops! I mean to update this daily and I guess I focused more on my groups than on my wall.

    Anyhow day 3 was better than day 2 by far. I had energy and was able to finish some business and projects without any issues.

    I haven't had any cravings, but I have had a pang or two of hunger now and again. It was fleeting and usually subsided with a juice, herbal tea, or water.

    I've been sticking away from temptations pretty easily by avoiding television. I have subscriptions to Netflix and Hulu so I can skip the ads.

    I've also been keeping myself inspired by watching other films about nutrition. On day 3 I saw Fed Up and that was really great. It explained the history of the obesity debacle and how your gut works and why nutritional information has been so poorly labeled.

    Today was day 4 and I have to say that I had a glimpse of what Joe was talking about in FSND and some of his FAQ videos. I had a zing in my step all day and was really really active.

    I got even more of my tasks out of the way and I even kept the promise to myself that I'd incorporate some exercise. I felt that I was ready for it after weathering the withdrawals on day 2. So I got out and took the dog for a brisk walk and picked some oranges in my yard for my juicing.

    I love that I have an apple and orange tree in the yard. Helps with the juicing budget some.

  • snappyfu

    3 years ago

    Day two of the Juice Challenge was well...challenging. :p

    I stayed the course despite having a headache and feeling moody and a bit tired.

    The juices today weren't as good as the ones yesterday and I found the smell of juice irksome.

    I think it was my mind trying to trick me into eating something naughty. So I held my nose and just downed my juice before I had the chance to entertain anymore of those thoughts.

    A little afternoon energy burst gave me some respite as I busied myself with tasks that kept my mind clear of self-doubt, cravings, and other negative thoughts and feelings.

    I am ending the evening with some binge watching of FSND, Hungry for Change, Foodmatters, and Cowspiracy while I sip tea and fall asleep.

  • snappyfu

    3 years ago

    Day one of the Juice Challenge went well. I had had some fears that I'd hate the experience and the juices, but after having the Mean Green (which I gathered would be the hardest to stomach) I was pleasantly surprised. The rest of the juices on the menu were as tasty too.

    I was wrestling with how much tea or vegetable broth was allowed, but on a cold night like last night I broke down and had 2 8 oz servings of broth over the course of the evening.


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