Sarina Shanti

  • Location: 37002-140
  • About: I'm from Brazil and I'm 31 years old! I'm therapist and work with Reiki and Thetahealing. I quit cigarettes and became vegetarian 3 years ago and started eat pasta and chocolate and got almost 30 kg. I was feeling more tired than when I used to smoke. So, I was asking for help and I couldn't find anything to touch me. I was on facebook and then I saw a group of people that eat vegetable and fruits. The first post was about the documentary FSND and I fell in love for Joe! That was the first time that something really touched me and I really felt that was what I was looking for! I started the Reboot without know anything and at the first day I could dance, jump without feel pain in my body. Next day I didn't feel pain and too much energy. It's AMAZING! I'm happy to find here groups of support cause I couldn't find doctor and people here to help me that believe and understand and know about it! I did 10 days by myself and today I found here! If somebody can help me I would be in eternal gratitude, cause I still don't know how to do somethings!!! PS. Sorry my bad english!
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Health and lose weight. I got too much energy and all my life changed! In deep gratitude for Joe! There are any words to say how happy is my heart now! Thanks Thanks Thanks !!!
  • Favorite Juice? ALL GREEN
  • Food temptation? Pasta, Pizza and chocolate
  • Birthday: Aug 14

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