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  • About: Age: 42 Height: 5'-9" Weight; 226 lbs Been fighting liver problems for a year after having started Lipitor for cholesterol. Discontinued Lipitor 1 yr ago after liver started to fault and have never regained my health.. I am Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead!
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Repair Liver, Lower Cholesterol and remove about 41.lbs
  • Favorite Juice? Mean Green with Tabasco sauce!
  • Food temptation? Meat & Pastries
  • Birthday: Jan 25

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  • Michelle

    4 years ago

    Well .. this is my first post here .. and I have to say ~ Bravo doll for your sweet success! .. I am searching for the 60 day juice diet ~ can you help? ..

    Many Blessings & Continued success is my wish for you ~ <3 Michelle


    4 years ago

    G'morning Russell,

    Hope all is well. I need a lil' help if you can. Whenever I see I have a notification I click on it and then I see whomever responded or what have you. However, I never actually see what they said. It simply goes to the discussion of everyone. How do I go directly to their response?

  • fizzgig

    4 years ago

    Great updated photo, and congrats on the follow through!

  • Sam E

    4 years ago

    hi Russell, I'm back on the juice! Yay!!!! Nearly 2 days done and ops kids, gotta ho

  • *Rez*

    4 years ago

    I can't say that I have a lick of discipline, Russell... I finished 60 day reboot without one screw up, but it wasn't discipline or strong will. It was more like survival. Do I wanna die or live. It's really that simple now with 2 stents and being 3x more than my normal healthy weight. I played around with my health for years not exercising a bit of self control. Then a heart attack over a year ago and then another hospital stay in September closed the deal for me... First, I noticed how much weight Sam Jackson the actor had lost, and after researching his weight loss, I discovered he stopped eating meat for a year and started juicing and eating raw veggies. Then a week later I got turned on to FS&ND film. Inspired by Phil more than Joe because I was a jumbo guy like Phil so I got a juicer and boom, I committed. So my goals are far from complete in fact not even close. I totally intend to be at 181 lbs before I go to a maintenance program... It's all new for me. But I do it or die, just that simple... and I like living and I like my life. so.......... I'm all-in.

  • Russell

    4 years ago

    Well said Rez,

    But I think you deserve more credit than you give yourself credit for...

    I have witnessed people even in the face of death continue on their path of destruction whether it be drug addiction, alcoholism or something as simple as a bad diet. My Dad is one of the diet concerns...He too has a couple stents and has also suffered a heart attack is on all kinds of prescriptions, but yet he still chooses to eat poorly..

    Fried chicken

    Bacon and eggs

    Biscuits and gravy

    The list goes on and he is aware of how bad it is for him , But yet he continues to consume way too many greasy fried foods.. ..He's only 15yrs older than myself and we share the same physical ailments. I'm trying to prevent myself from reaching the point of a heart attack that my Doc has warned me about..But he continues continues down this road of an early and inevitable demise... He scoffs at my juice fast and has no intention of entertaining the thought of trying it.

    So I guess sometimes even a life or death sentence isn't enough to change some people.

    Good on ya!

    Well done!

    Fight the good fight!!


  • Sam E

    4 years ago

    LOL! thanks Russell you are quite right. when we get back from hols, I will get back on the juice and get it going, including some B- slappin!! hahahaha

    It is the fastest way and might as well just do it!

  • Sam E

    4 years ago

    hey russell heres another vote (?) of support. there is heaps of support here. whether its going well or not. docs can be silly, rebooting is just about getting more veg in, that's it in a nutshell. who wouldnt think that was a good idea?

    if its tricky for you then do green smoothies. I havent read your other comments right now, but jump into a few discussions or groups. plenty of experience to draw from


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