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  • Withdrawal Symptoms

    Started by RLP, Last reply by RLP on 2012-11-17 14:08:07

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    My boyfriend and I saw the movie on Netflix and were really inspired. He's 100% ready to go but I'm going to have to introduce this slowly and carefully as I'm a Recruitment Business Manager and have to be 100% on the ball 100% of the time, I'm often at work until 8.30-9pm and NEED energy to get me through the day otherwise I experience bad bad headaches and sickness. How has everybody else handled the first few days whilst at work?

  • Day 2 - Actually nearly died

    Started by RLP, Last reply by dnb on 2012-11-21 00:46:55

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    I knew this would be brutal but I never thought it would be just that bad but day 2 (yesterday) was horrific. I woke up feeling very cloudy, very hungry and the moment a fruit juice hit my stomach I felt sick as a dog. I made sure I drank loads of water but still ended up with the most horrendous headache. I returned home after a long and unproductive day at the office (very bad) and my partner had been experimenting with different juices all day - the smell as I walked in the door was overwhelming and I gagged, a lot. As I couldn't face any juice I ate a salad but that was it - all day, so my body is probably in starvation mode.

    Today is day 3 - hopefully going to be better. I've had porridge for breakfast and a satsuma and I'm aiming to juice for my next 1 or 2 meals.

    Going cold turkey was a bad idea...

  • Heating Juice?

    Started by RLP, Last reply by [...] on 2018-12-19 23:38:10

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    I've already posted elsewhere about my horrendous day 2 and the fact that I would literally rather starve to death than allow any more veg juice to pass my lips. Today is a better today, I used a vegetable I don't mind the taste of (tomato) and sneaked a bit of lettuce in there too and then I decided to heat it so my mind thinks I'm just drinking plain old juice. Will heating the juice affect it in anyway?


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