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  • Ria's Skinny

    5 years ago

    Getting started on this new lifestyle is a big challenge for me. Hopefully I will have the will power to stick with it because this is what I truly want to do. I think that if I can quit smoking "Cold Turkey" after smoking since I was in the 7th grade (12 yrs of age) even though I didn't smoke much and quit twice before and now I can proudly say that I have been a non-smoker for 10 yrs in April 2014. The only restrictions that I will have on this diet is trying not to lose my boobs. My husband said that I can lose all that I wish but the boobs and butt need to remain the same or else he is finding a way to pack them back up. My butt can be the size it was when I was 18 and the boobs have to stay at the DD/E size or else!!!! So...Wish me lots of luck in my endeavor!!!! This 51 yr old Wife/Mother/Grandmother is Rebooting her Life Anew!!!! Starting Sunday November 10, 2013 as my first day. I am planning to go for the 60 day Reboot. I'm very excited!!!!


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  • TMI - 60 day Reboot

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    anyone who is already in a 60 day, or about to start one is welcome. not afraid to ask questions, or admit they "cheated." all are welcome! come visit me on you tube as well: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxuI2NS5Jb1s-GK5sWvepTQ


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