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  • RhondaGA

    5 years ago

    It has been tough going since day 29 (1/29/14) when I saw that big overnight drop of 4.3 pounds (which was more than I had been losing in a week) to get to 151.2 . The next day I went up to 152.5 and for the next ten days I have fluctuated from 152.5 down to lowest of 150.5 up to highest today of 153.2 which is day 41 and then back down to 153.2 were I have stalled again for past two days. This morning on day on day 43, it has been 15 days now since I had the big weight loss and not only have I not "officially" lost weight - I weight 1.6 more than I did on Day 29. I have not "cheated" and I have been juicing only with exception of 1/2 avocado a day added by blender. I started at 170.0 pounds with goal of 135 pounds. At 17.2 pounds I am about half-way to my goal. I did not measure myself on day one but my measurements as of yesterday were 37-30-40 with my goal being 36-25-36. Although I do want to lose weight, my PRIMARY reason to juice only first was to detox and remove all potential allergen causing foods from my diet so I can do "food testing" to see what foods cause sensitivities to see what is causing pain in my hips and back. I have been pain free since around day 5. According to Dr. Mark Hyman, before doing the testing you need to remove all potential foods for three weeks and reboot your body by following an Elimination diet. I have been rebooting for 6 weeks. Since I am half way to my goal and have let my body rest double the recommended time I think it time to move to Phase Two so I will be breaking my juice only fast and along with continuing to do at least two juices a day I will also start eating fruits and veges plus legumes and grain allowed on the Anti-Allergy diet like brown rice and quinoa. After a week of adding food and allowing my body to adjust, I will systematically add one food per 48 hours back into my diet to see if it causes a flare up. (Note: I have already learned in my reboot that Grapefruit is a sensitive food and onions, peppers and tomatoes are not.) I am going to stay plant based until I reach my goal weight so I will not be testing diary, chicken and other animal products at this time. I will continue testing veges in the night-shade family since they are common problem for people with arthritis. JUICE ON! (02/08/14)

  • RhondaGA

    5 years ago


    FIRST 30 DAYS = 170.00 TO 152.5 = 17.5 (lowest 151.2 on Day 29)

    Day Thirty-One (morning) -152.5 (0 / +1.3 / 17.5)

    Day Thirty-Two = 152.5 (0/+1.3/17.5)

    Day Thirty-Three = 152.0 (-.5 / +.8 / 18.0)

    Day Thirty-Four = 151.8 (-.2 / +.6 / 18.2)

    Day Thirty-Five = 151.2 (-.6 / 0 / 18.8)

    Day Thirty-Six (02/01/14) = 151.2 (0/0/18.8) - Week 5 = 151.2 - 151.2 = ZERO

    Day Thirty-Seven = 152.0 (+.8 / +.8 / 18.00) - eight days and not weight lost

    Day Thirty-Eight = 150.5 (-1.5 / -.7 / 19.5)

    Day Thirty-Nine = 150.8 (+.03 / +.03 / 19.2)

    Day Forty = 152.8 (+2.3 / +2.3 / 17.2)

    Day Forty-One = 153.2 (+2.7 / +2.7 / 16.8) - highest in 13 days

    Day Forty Two = 152.8 (-.4 / +2.3 / 17.2)

    Day Forty Three - 152.8 (-.0 / +2.3 / 17.2) - Week 6 = 152.0 - 152.8 = +.08

    Note: No permanent weight loss in 15 days - My body has stalled out HALF WAY to my Goal of 40 pounds. Time to move to the next Phase of the REBOOT.

  • RhondaGA

    5 years ago


  • RhondaGA

    5 years ago

    In the hope to help other ladies who are concerned about fluctuations in their weight while fasting I will post my daily weights from December 28, 2013 - January 26, 2014 for first 30 days.. It is not pretty but the scale is moving down:

    GOAL = 155 - 15 pounds in 30 days

    Day One (12/28/13) - 170 Week One - 170 - 162.8

    Day Two - 166.00

    Day Three - 164.4

    Day Four - 166.4

    Day Five - 163.8

    Day Six - -------- (did not weigh)

    Day Seven - 162.8

    Day Eight - 163.8

    Day Nine - 162.4

    Day Ten - 164.00

    Day Eleven - 162.6

    Day Twelve - 161.6

    Day Thirteen - 162.00

    Day Fourteen - 161.8 Week Two - 162.8 - 161.8

    Day Fifteen - 161.6

    Day Sixteen - 162.0

    Day Seventeen - 161.00

    Day Eighteen - 161.00

    Day Nineteen - 160.8

    Day Twenty - 159.6

    Day Twenty-One - 158.8

    Day Twenty - Two - 159.0 Week Three - 161.6 - 159.0

    Day Twenty-Three - 159.6

    Day Twenty - Four - 158.00

    Day Twenty - Five - 158.00

    Day Twenty - Six - 156.2

    Day Twenty-Seven - 156.2 (TOTAL = 13.8 pounds)

    Day Twenty-Eight -155.5

    Day Twenty-Nine - 151.2 Week Four - 159.6 - 151.2 (18.8) = 4.3 in one day

    Day Thirty - 152.5 (+ 1.3 / 17.5)

    Day Thirty-One (morning) -152.5 (0 / =1.3 / 17.5)

    TOTAL = 17.5 or 2.5 over goal


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    Snowed in and running out of things to Juice


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    Changing a lifetime of "I've always done it that way" to "I'll try that". Never too old to change.

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    People who live down south rebooting and changing their lives. Great way to connect with others

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    Are you over 50? This is our time. There is hope for those who are over 50, overweight, or sick & tired, and suffering from degenerative disease and chronic ailments. Dispel diet and health care myths. Achieve optimum health with Reboot Veggie Juicing and a Plant-based whole food eating lifestyle - without the need for excessive medications, surgery or invasive medical treatments. No need to spend your senior years in a hospital or expensive care facility -- don't buy into sickcare - take your health into your own hands and find true health care with daily Reboot Juicing and Eating Plants.

    My wife Elisabeth (age 51) and I (age 53- soon to be 54) have always been health conscious individuals but, like many, failed to recognize diet and nutrition related to our own obesity and chronic health issues. Until recently - I have always struggled with my weight since grade school - but now with a strong advocacy for plant-based whole foods and a veggie juicing lifestyle we have collectively lost 185 pounds and regained our health by alleviating a long-list of chronic and debilitating ailments. We cleaned out our pantry and cleaned up our lives.

    I started Reboot Juicing as a last resort because I tried everything else. Even 20 years in the Health & Wellness field did not address overwhelming food addictions and obesity. After watching FSND - I got the 'kick in the pants' I had been missing and have sustained weight loss of 145 pounds since August 2011 and continue to juice daily and eat a plant-based lifestyle ever since.

    Please see Success Profile from Sept 2012: http://www.rebootwithjoe.com/dan-m-changed-his-life-in-more-ways-than-one-he-now-makes-juice-instead-of-bacon-and-cut-his-grocery-bill-in-half/

    My wife inadvertently lost 40 pounds just preparing and eating my new plant-based recipes - within 3 weeks of adopting vegetable juicing and plant-based foods her debilitating osteo and heart complaints began to reverse and after one year abstaining from animal products, dairy, eggs, refined/processed foods - we have both regenerated and gained optimum health.

    Please see the Two Year Reboot with Joe anniversary Story from Sept 2013 at: http://www.rebootwithjoe.com/reboot-success-story-dan-miller/

    If you are further interested in more personal details of our journey to optimum health, please, feel free to view my website that has photo updates and other tips and techniques, FAQs, recipes and links: http://bit.ly/15WA7Gm .

    Click on my Name and view more posts and comments, or join my other groups here at RebootwithJoe.com or follow my posts or chat on Facebook at: http://on.fb.me/136cc6V


    Healthy Regards, Dan Miller Reboot Ambassador

    Juice On! Juice for weight loss. Juice for Health. Juice for Life. Eat & Drink Plants!

    . .

    Who am I? See more at: http://community.rebootwithjoe.com/profile/danmiller-erae-154588


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    I'm one of those that needs support while juicing. This group is for likeminded people. People that don't view the reboot as a diet, but as a way to reset your system for a new and healthier lifestyle. People that plan on doing the 60 days and kick ass in 2014. People that are determined to LOVE themselves and BE THE BEST VERSION THAT THEY CAN BE !

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    All are welcome! Rebooter group starting January 27th, doing our best to stick with this for 60 days!

*Individual results may vary. Reboots are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any medical or health condition. Reboots are not recommended for everyone, and before commencing a Reboot or any other nutritional or dietary regimen, you should consult with your qualified health care provider in order to assess any potential benefits or risks to you with consideration of your personal medical situation. You should also continue to work closely with your qualified health care provider if you intend to engage in a long-term Reboot. Our Guided Reboot Programs are not advised for women who are pregnant or nursing.