• Location: SE15
  • About: I have two London clinics with a specialist interest in Diabetes and I teach at the Centre for Nutrition Information and Lifestyle Management where we have BSc and MSc in nutrition Science with Middlesex University where I am head of the final year. I live in London with my partner, 1 teenager and 2 cats (one teenager moved out and one cat moved in, so I now have more cats than children).
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I loved FSND when it was smuggled to me by a fellow Aussie, long before it's UK release and showed it to anyone who would stand still long enough!. Joe isn't preachy and 30 years in clinic has taught me that preaching never works! I've seen hundreds of people juice fast and I am amazed at what it can do. Helping people Reboot is always exciting - this stuff never gets old!
  • Favorite Juice? Green Lemonade or Virgin Bloody Mary Juice with extra chilli
  • Food temptation? Do I have to pick one? Chocolate? or English Stilton or....

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  • Brent (W.E.Coyote)

    4 months ago

    Rhaya, I just signed up for the 60 day reboot for diabetics. I am really excited to start but admittedly a bit scared of something so drastic. I am new to the whole program of juicing and only heard about Joe Cross and his programs last week.

    From the materials sent, it is unclear if the first Webinar is this Friday (Apr 26) or next Tuesday (Apr 30). The eight sessions show starting on the 30th. However, in the e-mail I received it says the program begins on the 26th. Can you clarify?

    Since I have not received notification of the group board I thought I'd try posting my question here!

    I hope to hear from you soon!


  • Kathleen

    1 year ago

    I guess this is a better place to ask if you have any ideas for leaky gut besides the juice diet itself?

  • Mspunky

    1 year ago

    Rhaya. Can my good pal Tangovera join today???

  • Tangovera

    1 year ago

    Rhaya, is there a new reboot starting today? Thank-you

  • Rhaya

    1 year ago

    Hello there!

    yes indeed and I've emailed Jen and asked if you can join. Give her a call now or email her. It would be wonderful to have you. And you know Ms Punky! wow! small wonderful world!

    see you soon - I hope


  • Mspunky

    1 year ago


    The confidential message link doesn’t work

    Can we swap out juices and days we do them as long as we use recipes?




    1 year ago

    worked last night over night became frustrated and reached for the first thing at the local gas station i could eat. NOT what i should have done but i did and its too late. i get frustrated and i EATTTTTT. Any ideas on how to overcome this.

  • StuartW

    2 years ago

    Hi Rhaya,

    I am about to start another 60 day reboot. I did a guided reboot with you 2 years ago and as with others I dropped the program and have landed right back were I started...sigh. But, nothing left but to pick myself up and hit it again. Is there a general group we can interact with without being on a guiided reboot. I am really going to need some support. I know the program and now how to run it its more the "how did I get like this again, can I do it again with my size/fat being my psychological protection mechanism" type conversations.

    Any guidance would be great (Tell Joe if he ever gets to Wagga Wagga Ill make him a Green Juice as payment)


    Stuart Woodcock

  • Rhaya

    2 years ago


    How wonderful to hear from you again. Yes, absolutely I have some advice - I'm going to recommend you read my favourite book on the topic called Intuitive Eating, from Trebold and Resh. There is also another lovely one I am working through at the moment called "eat what you love with diabetes". Both of these books deal with the low down of deep day to day change in your life so that you have a good embedded structure in your day to day life that can help you keep the weight off. It's as much about what happens between your ears as what happens around your waist!

    There are some lively groups, and I suggest you trawl through them. I think "say goodbye to 100 pounds" is quite lively. Lots of Rebooters tend to want to start their own group and end up in a tiny group that waivers all the time. I'm happy to help with anything rebooting and diabetes-related - just shoot me an email!

    Oh Stuart - you can do it, I know you can. This time you will go deeper and rip the roots of poor lifestyle out of your life! Others have done it before you and it often it takes more than one Reboot. You do a better job each time



  • marcus

    2 years ago

    Thanks rhaya

    I'll try dumping it into the juice...

    Feeling okay...just hungry...and dreaming of submarine sandwiches.....haven't felt my stomach rumbling in ages!! Interesting feeling though...

  • marcus

    2 years ago

    thank you rhaya for all of your support and timely replies to my rebooting Cunundrums! Appreciated!

  • Rhaya

    2 years ago

    you are more than welcome! Youre a great contributor to the wall - because you are asking so much it is opening things up for other people to ask too. So a bit thank you back!

    Rhaya x

  • Krissy

    3 years ago

    Hi Rhayna,

    I just got back from 2.5 months traveling around New Zealand, where we actually ended up getting married on the 21st March, without my lovely wedding dress. (Long story, Swiss bureaucracy and need for exorbitant amounts of paperwork, some of which does not even exist, had us having to wait until we returned from NZ to start the application process again) Now that I am back I am busy expanding my coaching business, getting my new apartment in the mountains in order, and looking at doing a 15 day reboot.

    ...the food in New Zealand was way too good, and traveling from place to place for so long actually made it very easy to not keep an eye on myself. I gained 5kg, which considering we were on the road for so long, introducing Markus to all my favorite things from my youth was not at all surprising. :-) One thing that is for sure, I am glad I live in Switzerland, the Kiwi's eat so much sweet stuff, I would for sure have diabetes if I lived there,it is good to be back in the Alps and taking stock.

    How are things with you?


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