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  • About: I love to read, just started learning yoga and enjoy it very much, watching classic movies especially watching Walt Disney movies with my roommates little girl. Playing with her and teaching her life's many joys and making her laugh. Spending time with my mother and friends. I can be found on Facebook too. Moved to North Dakota in 2012 from Pennsylvania and it was the best thing I have ever done just like juicing has been.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I have several medical issues and the number of different medications that I need to take is out of hand. Grant it it could be worst but I am at a point in my life where I am tired of it all. Also I am registered to go the New York camp this summer and I can't wait.
  • Favorite Juice? my own creation
  • Food temptation? Lindt chocolate truffles.
  • Birthday: Jun 06

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  • Team Reboot

    4 years ago

    Hi Rebecca, Great question!! Please be aware that Camp Reboot is set on a peaceful lake in upstate NY so be aware of the need for sun lotion, hats, sunglasses and comfortable clothing. Here is a checklist of items you may find helpful to have:

      -Comfortable clothing

      -Rain jacket




      -Sun Lotion

      -Insect Repellent

      -Breathable clothing for hot days (shorts, T-Shirt etc.)

      -Walking Shoes (Sneakers)


      -Sweatshirt (warm clothing for night time and early morning)



    I hope this helps Rebecca! We can't wait to see you there!! =)


    4 years ago

    It sure does help. I am originally from PA, now living in North Dakota, so I know how the weather can be. Still its helpful and I will use it as I pack. Now I need to go find my camera for taking some awesome pictures.


    4 years ago

    Just Breath, you have this. A whole lot of Faith. Determination, Will Power and most of all self love.

  • Fearless

    4 years ago

    Hi Rebecca,

    Glad to hear from you. I am glad this is a closed group because we are all in this together and I think we can help each other establish a mind set for better living. I know that is what has made me successful in the past and I have just felt weaker these past 6 months. I know I cannot do this alone, so here goes with a great group. I live in Vancouver, WA with my new husband of 6 years and luckily he'll go along with anything I do to improve my health. He'll even juice or whatever along with me. Great guy. Here's to us and we can do this.


  • KimP85

    4 years ago

    Hi Rebecca,

    Read your title, Fearless. That's so AWESOME!!! I don't even know you and am SO PUMPED that you are taking this GIANT STEP to improving your health. You definitely DO want to be around for such an AWESOME GUY. Whatever it takes, right. Too bad he isnt' coming with you. That would've been fun for you. (I'm assuming he isn't since you didn't mention it)

    Anyways, GOOD FOR YOU, did I say that already :-) I can't wait to me you. This is going to be the BEST WEEK OF 2015 I JUST KNOW IT!!!!

    Kim ;-)


  • work 3rd shift

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    no longer working at this point in my life.


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    All welcome! Starting this journey to a better, healthful life. Had too many years of unhappiness and failure. Looking forward to sharing the ups and downs with anyone who knows their weight is not a representation of who they are and want to be! Let's do this!!!

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