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  • The Start of a Healthier Us - The Journey Begins

    Started by ravenskitty, Last reply by sandpiper1 on 2013-02-24 12:44:49

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    I was origninally just going to write in my journal my experience but after having read several other people logging their daily progress here and finding it encouraging & helpful I decided to do the same.

    2/21/2013 - Pre Fast Journal Entry.
    We've had the juicer now for about 2 weeks. We've played around with the juices a bit and are starting to figure out what we like and what we don't. I weighed 174.2 with a 42.3% bmi rating on the scale the day after we got the juicer. I steadily lost weight the first week we had the juicer as we ate mainly veggies and started adding juice to our diet. Robert and I agreed that Friday would be our 'splurge' day /reward day since we tend to go out with friends that culminates in breakfast at Denny's. The lowest I got to was 168.7 with a 40.8% body fat reading on the scale.

    The combination of valentines day (feb 14) and Roberts birthday dinner (feb 17) as well as the bloating that comes pre period for me has put me back up in weight a little bit but I know a bunch of that will come off next week after my period is over. I used to gain 8-15lbs pre period this time I've only gained 4. My weight yesterday was 172.3 with a 40.3% the fact that the body fat percentage still went down tells me I'm still "loosing weight/fat" and its just the hormonal upswing that is skewing the numbers.

    Robert like usual is down far more weight than me and was bragging that he was just under 190 yesterday. As happy as I am for him its frustrating that its so much easier for him to lose weight than me but thats very typical for men to lose weight faster than women and I'm still confident that I will eventually reach my goal.

    My first mini-goal is: even with my period in full swing is to be under 170lbs by Friday March 1st.


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