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  • Rastagirl

    5 years ago

    30 day results of my Reboot. Anxious to see what 60 day results will be!

  • Rastagirl

    5 years ago

    Today is day 29 of my reboot. I never committed to a time frame just was going to take it one day at a time. Now I am thinking I may go a little longer since I have made it this far. Joe Cross is going to be in my area (well 4 hrs away) in 2 weeks and I would love to meet him and say that I was on day 45 (approx). So far I have lost 25 lbs and am very pleased with my results. I would love to hear from people regarding going for the 60 days as opposed to stopping at 30 days and reintroducing whole foods.

  • Taffy the Great!

    5 years ago

    Thanks for the friend request, sounds like you're doing great! I also find it easier to give up food completely, and your analogy of heroin is right on the money. I just got back from a cruise after a 30-day fast, and my tastes changed dramatically, so hopefully your weekend away will be similar... keep us posted! Since your bf doesn't really "get it," coming here for support should be very helpful to you.

  • Rastagirl

    5 years ago

    I'm on Day 8 of my reboot - juice only. I've lost 12 lbs!!! Super excited! Feeling hungry but not too miserable. Funny, but this seems easier to me then being on a diet and having to limit the food I eat. Almost like a heroin addict that can only have a tiny bit of drugs per day. If I can't have it all then I'm ok with done of it. Weird. I'm a bit concerned about going away for the weekend with my boyfriend this coming weekend. Our trips are usually revolving around great places to find and eat at so we will have to be a little more creative with this trip. He didn't agree with this whole idea of juice only, he didn't think it was healthy but now that he sees I have a ton more energy I think he is understanding it a little more. He's in perfect condition and doesn't know what it's like to worry about weight so it's very hard for him to understand what I'm going through.


  • My Incredible Journey

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    Life changes by the pound

  • My Weight Loss Journey

    Started by Rastagirl, Last reply by peachesncream7681 on 2014-03-25 11:10:13

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    Life is changing by the pound


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