• Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I want to be as healthy as I can possibly be, increase my longevity, and feel I'm at my absolute best. Dealing with thyroid issues since my early 20s, I've yo-yo'd for years, within 30-40 pounds of my ideal weight. A few years ago, after losing 43 pounds at Weight Watchers and working out intensely with a personal trainer, I became ill with an auto-immune disease. I'd been dealing with chronic back pain for six years prior. As the pain escalated, I became more sedimentary and gained back much of the weight I'd lost. My gall bladder was functioning at only 10%, and my hair began falling out. Gall bladder removal as well as a total hysterectomy were both recommended. After visiting 20-30 physicians, none who could diagnose the problem (and none who ever mentioned nutrition!), I rejected the radical options of surgery, steroids to treat my alopecia, and more medication to mask symptoms; and adopted an anti-inflammatory eating program. That worked well to ease digestive issues. But the back pain continued and impacted my ability to do things I love to do. As a last ditch effort, I eventually I chose surgery to relieve my back pain. It was successful and I am now living relatively pain-free, able again to power-walk, hike, and enjoy physical activities. I loved how I felt without this lugging this extra 40 pounds around and I want to feel that way again. I watched "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and became a huge fan, watching it about five times now. I felt so inspired that I did a 15-day juice fast using Joe's free program, and lost 12 pounds. I tried to continue the juice fast for 30 days but couldn't sustain it. Now I've been feeling stuck and I'm here for more support to knock off another 30 and keep it off. It's time.
  • Favorite Juice? Mean Green
  • Food temptation? Cheese and wine

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  • judydahl

    4 years ago

    Hi Purple Queen,

    Love the name! Sounds like we have the same temptations. I'm on day four... Of a 15 day reboot. So far so good. I'm not hungry in my body, just my head... So, I just tell myself I'm getting healthier. I am staying busy with special chores and activities everyday. The hardest part is 5 PM... Wine time.

    I see that you have been very active all your life. I have yo-yo dieted all my life as well... Same 35-40 pounds. I'm sorry you have struggled with your health. Glad your back surgery was successful and you are able to be active again.

    So, how long ago did you do the 15 day fast? I see you lost 12 pounds. I wonder if that's common. How often did you weigh? I haven't weighed yet. Are you on another 15 day or ???

    I live in Port Townsend, Washington. A beautiful spot on the tip of the Olympic Penninsula. I'm retired but as busy as ever, serving on boards and volunteering with hospice.

    I would really like to have one person to check in with as I continue this process...

    Take good care today! Rock on!


  • PurpleQueen

    4 years ago

    Hi, Judy. My name is Kath. PurpleQueen was my email name for a while so it just stuck.

    I'm on Day Four and chose to dive in with juice-only. I agree that hunger is in my head too, not in my body. I read Joel Fuhrman MD's book "Eat to Live" and he describes true hunger so well there. (He's the doc who oversaw Joe Cross' first 60-day fast, BTW.)

    I agree that Happy Hour is hardest. Although I should be retired by now, we took a hit with the Recession and health care costs, and I don't foresee full retirement in my near future so we're working on a plan to create semi-retirement. I run my own business and work is often demanding, leaving me feeling drained and often stressed at day's end. That's when a glass of wine to chill out seems like the perfect remedy. Of course, that often leads to a second glass of wine, then cheese, nuts, or some other destructive choices.

    After watching "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead," I did one of the free reboots on my own and lasted about 12 days, then integrated salad or avocado just to be able to chew on something, and I tried to go 30-days but I kept wanting to chew so I kept adding things that seemed healthy. I totally stalled at 14 pounds even though I attempted to go 30 days. I gained a few pounds back when work intensified and I wasn't exercising as much. I just wasn't doing it right so I decided I'd try a Guided Reboot in the future to keep me on track. I waited several months until the time seemed right. Now is that time and I hope I can stay committed. It's going well so far.

    I weighed too often and that became discouraging. Yet I've been weighing every morning since I started the 15-day Guided Reboot. I feel like I'm a scientific experiment and I must check in on progress every 24 hours. Hahaha.

    I live in Hayward, Wisconsin. Sounds like we're both up north but you've got the beautiful coast to keep you warmer. I plan to move my office to Tubac, near Tucson, this winter, and I'm really excited about that because I'll be able to get outside and power-walk, hike, and just play without fear of winter's ice, snow, cold, and darkness I've grown to abhor here.

    Thanks for reaching out. I'd be happy to be the person you check in with. Have a great Day Four!



  • Reducing the cost of juicing

    Started by PurpleQueen, Last reply by krist on 2013-03-21 08:56:16

    Number of Replies: 7

    I just read the post about juicing on $40 a week. We have been spending over $150 each weekly visit to the grocery store. We buy fresh organic veggies and fruits at a whole foods market or local health food store. I'd like some tips for how to juice economically without sacrificing the quality of the food or level of nutrition. Thank you.

  • Fresh produce allergy

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    Is there an alternative to juicing fresh fruits and veggies?


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