• About: I've been eating healthy and juicing since I was 16. Still at 40 I managed to get Hashimoto thyroiditis, , Lyme disease eventually in my brain, and a few other illnesses. I gained about 50 lbs and no matter what I try I can't lose weight. I was having blood transfusions, infusions and all kinds of meds. 9 years ago I was sent home to die by a doctors who didn't know what else to do with me. Being out of hope I demanded of a God that I didn't know if I believed in that he heal me because I had a mustard seed grain of faith. Anyway I embarked on a spiritual, healing journey that has landed me here.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I watched the movie a year ago and believed it would help but didn't think I could do it. I believe in juicing and fasts. This is a the last thing I wanted to do but here I am and hopeful. :-)
  • Favorite Juice? Watermelon, cucumber, mint and of course spinach which you can't taste.
  • Food temptation? Hmm. Candy corn in my kids room.

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  • recipes

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    two that I love that even a non juicer loves

  • Traveling

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    Juicing while traveling


  • New York Rebooters

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    A place for NY based rebooters to connect

  • The REAL people of The OC, Ca come reboot with me!

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    This is Family/friends, but come join in. Lets do this, and feel the best we have ever. Unconditional support, no judgments, people caring.helping each other through the most important transformation in our lives. For Us, family, friends, God, whoever you feel. Lets do this together! We'll share recipes, daily events, hard times, and recovery times. Lets get real, talk to one another, meet for a juice :) and take this journey together, Bring others along. Save as many as we can while saving ourselves. WE CAN DO THIS! Email me if you feel like going to the top of the mountain...the climb might be hard, but well help each other up along the way. What's ya say? I'm starting Nov 1, 2013, Good luck & God Blessings to all!

  • TMI - 60 day Reboot

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    anyone who is already in a 60 day, or about to start one is welcome. not afraid to ask questions, or admit they "cheated." all are welcome! come visit me on you tube as well:

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