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  • About: I am 44 years old. I am a single mother. My daughter lives on her own, and my son and beautiful dog sally live at home. I have 80lbs to lose. I had surgery on both of my foot so find getting exercise a complicated right now. My feet aren't healing properly and I figure my very poor diet and heavy weight are playing the biggest parts in that. I hope to stick with the total juice until I lose at least 40 of those 80lbs, then am going to change my eating habits entirely. After I have made my clean break, I will only eat fruits, vegetables and lean beads at all! yikes!!! I started my 30 day juice only reboot Feb 1 so that eliminated all things good in my world in one- fell- swoop :). I plan for these next 30 days to change my body, my brain (food thinking), and change my life for the better for good :).
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Multiple reasons, but to sum it up I need to lose a large amount of weight and regain my health.
  • Favorite Juice? The Mean Green doesn't make me hurl, but I mostly like the fruit juices.
  • Food temptation? Pizza!!!

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