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  • purplespirit79

    5 years ago

    Hey Patrick glad to hear you've lost 7 lbs that'sgreat. How many juices do you have a day and how often are you eating. Are you still having to filter out the pulp and if not what did u do differently? What juicer do you have and what is the rpm? Also how much are you spending a week on fruits and veggies

  • Patrick

    5 years ago

    I have the 8006. I have been juicing 2 meals a day and eating 1 (not always sensible) meal. The pulp isn't so bad from fruits, but that first juice I made I ran everything through a second time to see if I could get any more juice out of it and that made it extra pulpy. I think the vegetable pulp is just harder which is what I don't like about it. I have also read that pulp is bad on a fast because the fiber activates your digestive system, but it is vey hard to strain juice that has orange or tomato in it in my limited experience. I would guess, only a guess, that I spent $150 in the first week, but I have a bunch of produce left. Aside from greens and beets, I am probably good for the next week.


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