• About: I need to lose around 120 lbs.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: For my health...for my happiness...and to live life the way I used to. To LIVE and not just exist.
  • Favorite Juice? Green Citrus (so far)
  • Food temptation? Carbs/pasta

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  • chris

    4 years ago


    thanks for the reply, your advice is sound ,the same as the nutritionist told me more juice and more water preferably coconut water I was cutting down on the juice turning it into more of a fast so upping the juice adding coconut water and meditation its same for me change health happiness awareness less lazy more living window to the soul joy in presence little by little bit by bit ...go girl

  • Ouiselle

    4 years ago

    You're welcome Chris :) So glad that you worked that out and are feeling better! Soon you'll get in the 'zone' and things will just flow naturally for you. Way to go!!!

  • starshine1ca

    4 years ago

    Hi Ouiselle, Thank you for accepting my friend request and was just reading about your swapping celery for Zucchini! I am definitely going to try that! I did the 5 day fast and have been since helping out a friend so haven't had a real chance to take care of me lately but getting ready for another reboot soon! Wishing you a great day, Anita (Starshine)

  • Ouiselle

    4 years ago

    Hi Anita :) You are so welcome...and thank you for friending me! Yes, I love the substitution, it really helps me a lot. I tried and tried to choke down that strong celery taste, but it continuously made me gag....Uhg! So, I'm very happy now :) I know that life can get in the way of us putting our needs first, I've sure had my share of that! But you just get back on the juicing horse and keep riding whenever you can. It all makes a great difference in your system, body and health. I'll be here for you :)

  • B

    4 years ago

    Hey Ouiselle, I tried your idea to swap the celery for zucchini on the green juice today and it tasted a lot better. I swapped half of the celery for half a zucchini. Thanks!!

  • Ouiselle

    4 years ago

    Barry :) I'm so glad that it worked for you! We need all the help we can get, so any little bit to keep us happy and going is a good thing :) Keep up the great work Barry!

  • Jen

    4 years ago

    I did the same thing because of your recommendation and it was so much better! Thank you. I actually finished the entire juice - without running to the bathroom!

  • Ouiselle

    4 years ago

    Hi Jen :) That's Great news!!!! So glad that it worked for you too!! Thank you so much for sharing :)

  • Ayla35

    4 years ago

    I can't stand celery unless its covered in Peanut butter :) I never use it in my juices!

  • mabel

    4 years ago

    Hi! I am new to this (not only juicing but social media as well). I started my reboot two days ago and I am looking for someone to talk to about the expirience. Honestly, your smile looked very friendly, so I thought I be "brave" and just send you a message.

    btw: I am from Germany.

  • Ouiselle

    4 years ago

    Hi Mabel :) I'm SOOO sorry that I am only seeing your post here now! I don't know why I haven't before, but only today ?! Thank you so much for your kind words....I am going to be here for a long while, so I would be honoured to cheer you along on your journey!!! Thank you so much for choosing me to be one of your helpers, that truly means so much to me :)

    I am in Vancouver, Canada and you are in Germany! Fantastic!! We'll reboot across the Globe!!! How has your reboot been going so far?

  • Julie Phipps

    4 years ago

    Hi I'm in the UK and on day 2 of my reboot, I'm not feeling great so far and really worried about going to work tomorrow. What day do you start feeling better?

    Still juicing!

  • looseygoosey

    4 years ago

    Do you live in Arizona?

  • kevroberts82

    4 years ago

    No I do not. Michigan


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