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  • Oregonnymph

    5 years ago

    After 60 days of juicing I moved into eating. This is actually harder than it sounds. Keeping up a whole food/micro nutrient lifestyle without over eating and keeping the veggies is like juggling six balls in the air. I did ok, but not as well as I wanted to. I kept dropping the veggie ball.

    But I honestly can say that I stayed on the healthy path much more than I thought I would. so now after 3 weeks I decided I needed a ten day back to basics juicing fast. And then I will try again to get the juggling right.

  • Oregonnymph

    5 years ago

    Tips: So far what I have learned my first 30 days of juicing.

    1. Straws are your friends. Until your taste buds catch up with what real food is suppose to taste like. Use a straw. It will help a lot!

    2. Ninja's vs Juicers. Ninja's are not juicers they are smoothie machines. But are not so great for juicing veggies. Use a juicer!

    3. If you don't like a juice. Modify it ... that is ok. Or just try different one. But always try a new juice each week. That way you don't get stuck in the same rut, and you may find a great juice in the process.

    4. It is easier to stay on and not slip up than it is to slip up and try to get back on. Now for me, I set a few ok's for me that are still healthy choices and yet felt like I was cheating. ie: eating grapes. or having an orange. I kept these with me between meals just in case I felt hungry. I added vitamins to cover missing B12 which you can only get from protein and vitamin D also. This way any major cravings would not be so harsh.

    5. If all possible don't cook for someone else. I set my family on their own. This has been a big help.

    6. Don't underestimate family and friends. They can surprise you. Of course there are the ones that everyone knows that are just buggers.. But we all know who they are. lol. But the real friends and family will step it up. Per #5: my hubby and son have cook, shopped, and fended for themselves. I have gone through great pains to make sure I didnt feel deprived. My friends/co workers at work, instead of getting me a cake for my BD, made just banana into ice stuff that tasted like ice cream.

    7. Remember this is to get our health back. A side affect of that is weight loss. But it isnt the only thing! Our aches, our pains, our pills. maybe not all but most are caused by what we have ate. Now it is a time for us to gain our control back and LIVE!

  • Oregonnymph

    5 years ago

    So why: Why am I juicing. I need to put down this for future reference when I am looking at something that I want to shove in something that should not be eaten. so I am making a list and this is not in order of importance...

    1. When taking a hike... I don't want to be that person anymore that people worry about doing the hike... nor the person that 90 year old grandma's pass.

    2. When looking for something exciting to do, I don't want to worry that I wont be able to fit.

    3. I want to not have to worry that my weight will affect my health. I know that just because I am healthy I won't get sick.. but at least I am making an effort to be healthy. I have a person in my family that just cant hear that and has already had 4 heart surgeries and is diabetic and facing health issues because of that. I don't want to be that person.

    4. I think I look like a Slitheen in Dr. Who. I don't want to look like that anymore.

    5. I hate veggies. Now this doesn't seem like a reason, but it is. I determined the only way for me to start liking veggies is to eat only veggies. Eventually my taste buds will change and I will like them.

    I am sure I can think of more.... later

  • Oregonnymph

    5 years ago

    I wanted to add a little baseline and comments on my first 30 days of juicing. First off, I did not give myself any time to think about it. I was flipping through Hulu Sunday night, hubby passed out from a long long week. And saw the movie FS&ND. Occasionally I will watch items like that to remind myself really how bad the average diet has become. I do realize that at that time my diet was worse that the average by a long shot. Sugar for breakfast, soda, then lunch which usually was a carb with some protein. Then soda, Dinner with high protein and carb and sugar type desert. I was in taking out of control. my caffeine was out of control. My health was out of control. So when I saw the movie, I just jumped. I find if I don't let myself think I get better results. I decided and showed my hubby the movie and said you guys are on your own... I am not cooking for 60 days. I had no juicer in the house, no veggies except a 1/4 of a container of V8 and some frozen juice in the box freezer.

    At first my hubby talked me into a nutra bullet. It is great for smoothies... not so much for juices. and after 3 days I was going to stop! Fiber...eww. A co-worker/friend at work saw my issue and being a former juicer herself, made up 3 small mason jars of carrot juice and apple juice and apple/carrot. At that point I had hope!


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