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  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I was working on getting my cholesterol down for a few years. The first successful round was with Dr. Furman's Eat to Live program. I did well but still found I could not break the 165# barrier. I decided to try the Reboot after watching the movie and ran a 60 day Reboot! It was great, Time to do it again!
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  • Juicing Guidelines-Basic

    Started by On-the-Road-Again, Last reply by tytbody on 2012-06-23 14:35:27

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    With the FAQs down some basic information appears to be missing. Here is what I remember. If I am wrong maybe the Reboot Team will chime in or others will add to it.

    1. 64 to 120 ounces of juice per day.
    2. Follow a ratio of 80% veggies and 20% fruit (simply put...try to keep 4 veggies to 1 fruit and you should be close). I found this hard because I loved the fruit so much and needed the flavors but stuck to it the best I could.
    3. Water...drink...drink....drink. We are detoxing and need as much water to flush out the junk as we can get.

    That should get us started....

  • After Juicing?the follow up

    Started by On-the-Road-Again, Last reply by Artehealth on 2012-06-20 13:17:22

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    Hi all...what a wonderful journey. I announced last night to a group of very good friends I was transitioning from all juice to juice plus 1 meal because I had reach my target weight of 145 pounds!!!! Same as I weighed in High School. I can't wait to get my blood work done to see what had happened chemically since my last draw almost 6 months ago. I was at 174 pounds and still a bit high with the HDL. I had dropped from 285 total to 180 total cholesterol.

    Now that I am starting to eat I am running into a new set of struggles.
    1. When I eat some of the foods I ate before I get a histamine reaction and it feels like I am getting stuffed up. It last about 1/2 hour or more.
    2. I still have those evening cravings and I can see another 10 pounds lurking around the corner just waiting to attach itself to me 1 pound at a time.
    3. I spent so much time on juicing, blogging and focusing on getting healthy, now that I am there, I have to replace time spent with something constructive and fulfilling.
    4. I have lots of fun exploring new recipes for soups and other foods both vegan and vegetarian style. I love spices and finding new foods are great. I even invested in a Nu-Wav PIC (Precision Induction Cooktop)...Beware of Nu-Wav...they do not sell what they say they will and then try and trick you into keeping it as is. After 60 days, the credit card company loose their ability to enforce the sale) I may have to return it with the help of Discover Credit Card Company and the pressure they will impose.
    5. I hate to shop and I have to go buy clothes that fit!(A really nice problem).

    I would love to hear how others dealt with this transition. I played around with dieting for 30+ years and now that I reached my goal...I would hate to gain any of it back.

    For those are starting, in the middle. I wish you all the best. I refer people to this site all the time. Beside meeting my wife, juicing was the best thing yet. After my transition is complete I will bring the juicer out for quarterly reboots or when I am out of veggie juice for soups.

    Juice on my friends....Jim


  • May-June 2014 new Rebooters!!

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    This group is created for support for new rebooters for May and June. I am on day 13 and wanted to connect with people who are running the same race and time frame. Please join for support and fellowship, we can encourage one another!!

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