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  • Omiega

    3 years ago

    I've made it to 30 days, Yay!! And I decided to continue juicing for another 15 days. So I'm currently on day 37 :) If I'm still feeling great, going strong and the weight lost continues I will extend another 15 days to complete the full 60 days reboot. I've lost 25lbs, my goal is to lose a total of 50lbs. I feel like myself again, lots of energy, look great in my clothes and confident. So if I don't lose the 50lbs, I've gained far more.

    Stay strong, take it one day at a time and keep busy to distract you from thinking of food.

    Oh and stay away from the TV if you don't have good will power!!! I'm always on the go, So I decided to take a full day off, stay home and relax. Within few mins I was very bored, I did't know what to do with myself. I played games on my phone, then moved to the computer, then I decided to watch TV, thinking it will help make the time go by faster. Well let me just say this, BAD idea. I thought I was going to lose my mind. With the holiday season up on us, everything was about food. I almost took a bite of junk food but thought better of it. Instead I drank large amount of juices and water... Discipline, will power and my goal at hand kept me strong. By the way, I did end up watching 2 movies on Hallmark Channel...

    I want you to succeed!! So if you are not as disciplined or not a lot of will power unplug that TV, don't sit around move move move.


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    Welcome new Members! Finding the videos of fellow juicers has never been easier! On a Juice Fast, Modified Fast or Reboot? Share your daily or weekly videos with us. This is a safe environment - non judgmental and supportive to newbies and experienced juicers alike. I'm not asking for the kind of respect reserved for nuns, the elderly, and brain surgeons. Just be mindful of your comments and don't abuse the individuals in this group. This is a place where people can without fear share their journey. Even if you think that your comment might be funny or written in a joking manner, it may actually be hurtful and insulting to someone else. We don't all share the same sense of humor. Please comment only if you have something nice to say, an encouragement or advice. Questioning someone's practices, progress, validity or lecturing them is NOT permitted in this group! I trust you to be responsible & Let's follow this path towards health and happiness together! =) HERE IS THE LINK TO THE VIDEO PLAYLIST WHERE U WILL FIND MY ENTIRE 100 DAY JUICE JOURNEY IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER: AND HERE IS THE LINK TO THE BREAKING MY JUICE FAST PLAYLIST:

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