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  • About: im new to juicing . I did a 3 day fast in oct, a 10 day fast in november and am trying a 40 day fast now. i live in san Antonio with my husband. neither of us work, hes sick from cancer in remission, I just became a couch potato with him and got more and more comfortable with it . Gained too much weight and now trying to get myself back in shape and healthy physically and mentally.
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: I joined reboot with joe because i was inspired by the movie FAT SICK AND NEARLY DEAD. Plus my doctor told mei was pre diabetic and high cholesterol triglycerides and fatty liver and to get on cholesterol medicine and i told him "NO WAY".
  • Favorite Juice? tang j/k havent experimented enough but so far the gazpacho with a dash of tobasco
  • Food temptation? tacos and snacks, not so much sweets
  • Birthday: May 28

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  • OrangeCrush

    5 years ago

    Wow, you have a roller coaster of a life going on. I am sending you calm energy waves your way!! Olivia, I say this humbly- I would try to juice no matter what. There is just something so powerful about it. But, I also realize your having major issues in life. You do have to live, I know!! But, for me, I know that if I 'chew' anything, it will open the door to another bite here, another bite there. So, I have to drive this hard in my life. I just can't chew right now. Try your best to juice, and maybe just a simple juice - nothing fancy. A quick carrot/apple/kale. That can be juiced quick and in batches!! But, I am hoping your hubby is on the mend. Tell him this too shall pass. Just be patient. Same for you, remember to try to find some time to remember your own journey toward health!! I am thinking of you!!!

  • OrangeCrush

    5 years ago

    HI Ms. Olivia, just checking in with you. I hope your hubby is doing better. Keep fighting the good fight!! Keep reaching for the juice!!!

  • olivia

    5 years ago

    thank you orange crush. another crazy week for me,we are at home now after a week in the hospital with my husband , he got the chickenpox. I need to find some way to keep juicing even when my life is crazy and I cant be at home for several days at a time when we end up in the hospital or should I just take a break or just eat vegetarian for a while. I need to keep juicing though. my doctor appt. went well she looked over the 15 day plan and told me to keep doing what im doing what im doing she lowered my thyroid meds!!!! now ill call Monday to find out what my cholesterol and triglycerides are. how are you doing??

  • olivia

    5 years ago

    oh oh did I tell you I have a new granddaughter!!! she was born on Thursday ....Lily Leigh.... so while my husband was in one hospital my son was with his girlfriend across town in another ...it was crazy I was back and forth....everyone is home now doing well....I hope all is well with you!!!


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