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  • About: Nick Oddo is a Positive Life Health Coach, Chef, Motivational Speaker, Marriage Officiant and Energy Therapist. He is certified and fully accredited through: The Institute for Integrative Nutrition® and Teacher’s College, Columbia University. He is also a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Fifteen years ago the fear that his depression was worsening caused Nick to cry out to the Universe for help. His Father and Grandfather had both taken their lives and he was determined not to do the same. Serendipity and synchronicity took over and he was led on an amazing journey of self-healing and self-discovery. He gave up his 20-year banking career and decided to follow his new passion of Health and Wellness. Now healed of his depression, all past aliments, and forty pounds lighter, Nick enjoys teaching others, especially students, to listen to their mind, body and soul. He teaches we are all born with the innate wisdom we need to lead a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy life, it’s our birth-right. For a free consultation:
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Will be a Reboot Coach at Omega this year (2014)
  • Favorite Juice? Mean Green Juice
  • Food temptation? Popcorn! Hard to go to movies without a bucket full!
  • Birthday: Feb 22

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  • Thank you, JOE!

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    CELEBRATING HEALTHY CHOICES: Welcome to ALL rebooters (new; and those who have been with us for a longer time. Also those who are maintaining or transitioning as well as total juicers and modified rebooters). This is a wall on behalf of Joe (and his staff) who have helped thousands gain back their health and happiness by showing us that plant based food matters. Success stories and thank you/s galore. ... I will be the first to write on this wall.

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    Camp Reboot 2014


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    Come on Hudson Valley Juicers, Let's help each other! If you live in any of the Hudson Valley, New York counties, please join us. We can help each other list where there are healthy, juice friendly places. We can plan get togethers or just help each other online. Join for any reason, even just to read along. The Hudson Valley area of New York is where Joe Cross holds his REBOOT CAMP, in Rhinebeck, located in Dutchess County, New York. I will be attending the camp 2014 and would love to meet up with other members from this group while we are there! Let's help each other in this journey, we all know there are so many nay-sayers out there that try to talk us out of this``Let's prove them all wrong and end this summer looking HOT, HOT, HOT!!! ~~ Juice on!

  • Nick's Camp Reboot Group 2014

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    For Members of Camp Reboot at Omega 2014! Health Coach Nick Oddo's Group or anyone else who attended! Let's support each other until we see each other again next year! Photo by: Ed Rudman "Each morning at Reboot Camp, the circle was where the best things happened..."

  • Nick's LGBTQ Reboot Group

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    Health and Weight issues specific to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ or GLBTQ) is a new and exciting field emerging within the health promotion, research, and medical fields. The concerns and health needs of LGBTQ are often unique, and their experiences with weight, health and health care are often different than that of their heterosexual peers. Join my group and let's "Juice On" as a unique community! Hugs, Nick Oddo (

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