• Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: To reboot my life!
  • Favorite Juice? My modified Mean Green
  • Food temptation? Macaroni & Cheese (homemade)

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  • Poppy39

    5 years ago

    I just saw your post about your rebooting journey and the pictures and wanted to say congratulations!! You have done so amazingly well and it is really inspiring. You should send your story in for them to put up as a success story on the website (if you want to). Good luck with the maintenance of it all now and thanks for sharing. Poppy

  • necorbin

    5 years ago

    Thanks Poppy! I actually did submit a success story yesterday... Hopefully they'll pick me one of these Mondays...


  • Who ended an extended fast early?

    Started by necorbin, Last reply by Garry on 2013-10-24 11:41:32

    Number of Replies: 9

    So, I'm on day 38 of a planned 60 day reboot... I started back on the 20th of August, eating a light lunch, and drinking everything else. I've been in I guess cruise control since around day 6, not even vaguely craving anything to eat, but today has just been the worst day, EVER. What's crazy is that I've literally been surrounded by food the entire time, and nothing has ever phased me. Every Sunday we have huge family dinners, and I'd drink my juice while everyone else piled their plates with all of my old favorites. Labor Day weekend, we had huge gatherings ALL 3 days, and I was fine.... We had a church fundraiser, and I was fixing rib plates, fried fish plates, and chili dogs for our customers, ALL DAY this past Saturday, and I was fine. But I don't know what it is, my mom made some sauteed squash this evening, and I have been having to fight myself to not eat a bowl of it. I had every intention of seeing this through to the 60th day of strictly juice, but I'm feeling like my body is begging me to chew something. I'm not craving anything unhealthy (a wonderful side effect of this fast), but I've got the hugest craving for some fresh grilled salmon and squash....

    As I officially will have 3 weeks left tomorrow, I've suddenly gotten the bright idea to aid my transition, and treat myself, by maybe having 1 solid meal (strictly vegetarian) each week, as I cross this final lap, while having every other meal be just juice. Would I be messing up anything with my metabolism by doing that? Anybody else have grand plans to do 30 or 60 days, get close and just had to transition?

    I still have a ways to go (27.4 pounds to my intermediate goal of 225). But thankfully I've lost 50 pounds as of yesterday. The biggest thing I guess that I have picked up is a renewed vigor for life, and a new outlook on food going forward. I no longer crave pizzas, or hot dogs, or whoppers.... Instead, I find myself thinking of squash, fresh green beans, salmon, and grilled chicken...

    Anyways, thanks for reading my ramblings, hopefully you can relate.... Chime in with your experiences.

  • Finished My 60 Day Fast On Oct 18th

    Started by necorbin, Last reply by LDCWright on 2013-11-14 18:08:23

    Number of Replies: 22

    My Story


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