• About: I am a 51 year old woman that has tried everything to lose weight. I have always struggled with my weight even as a child. I know that my relationship with food is not a good one. It is not that I eat fast food very much but I am addicted to sugar. Chocolate, ice cream cookies (to name a few)... plus I work at home and do not get much exercise. I Had a bought of Bells Palsy last year (where the nerves in the face go limp) and I looked like I had a stroke. This made me even more depressed than I already was. It is 90% healed and I am hoping that my reboot will give me the edge I need to take my life back and get healthy. I am starting my juice fast on March 10th 2017 and weigh 230 lbs. I am only 5ft 6" and my BMI is 33% Not good! I am excited about this lifestyle change and my husband is a great support system :)
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: After watching the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead documentary, I was inspired by Joe and Phil. I have ordered a juicer, (it should be here today) and I am going shopping this evening and getting ready to start a 30 day fast. I have been mentally preparing for this for over a week and I am so looking forward to getting healthy and hope to share this with others that I know would benefit from this experience as well. Bless you for having this support system available. Let's get to juicing!
  • Favorite Juice? carrot/pear
  • Food temptation? Sugar!!!

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