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  • About: I am a Spiritual Healer who has trained in the field for over 2 years. I am a Lightarian Reiki Master and Shamballa Reiki Master, as well as extended studies in the field. I was born with natural gifts of insight and intuition and have been blessed with many magical gifts from the universe and life. My family, friends, and many clients are important to me. I believe there are always possibilities and I strive to be as pure in body mind and soul.I also believe that life is what I make it- Love, Laughter, inspiration, beauty, joy and much more. I am a happy eater so over the years I just kept gaining. My happy eating is not doing me any good because now I have problems exercising and I love walking and dancing! I cant ware my cute jeans and outfits I love and this is sad for me. I also have fibromylgia (spelling wrong) and Lupus which is very painful. I am on medication which really thank God takes away most of the pain but I have symptoms from both that really make life hard sometimes. I try always to keep positive and a good outlook on my life so that helps! I have many reasons to want to be healthy & lose weight, so thank God the day my hubby and I came across Joe's movie. It really got us thinking about "yeah, that's exactly how we feel" and we even laughed because we said that very thing about ourselves. So we started changing slowly. And I have so much faith that in a year our life is going to change so dramatic! My wt loss goal is get below 200, then get to130. I hope also to make some good friends in here to share the journey! :)
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: Joe inspired me in his movie because he put himself out there for the world to see the truth and he worked hard to over come what so many people in the world struggle with everyday.I trust I am in the right place to become pure in my body. Thanks Joe!
  • Favorite Juice? Mean Green and Apple Pineapple so far
  • Food temptation? Hot wings, Toast & Coffee, Chesse, Italian & Cuban Pasteries
  • Birthday: Sep 23

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  • murielggina

    4 years ago

    Its the best morning ever cuz Im dancing with the most beautiful girl in the world, my Anna Lee - She;s my grandduaghter and she's the sweetest thing that's ever happened in my life! oxox

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    4 years ago

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  • murielggina

    4 years ago

    Have a beautiful Magical, Inspiring day! :) :)

  • murielggina

    4 years ago

    Happy Day Everyone, Its been a beautiful ride for me. I have been busy living life so each and everyday I make a difference in the world. I haven't went crazy juicing or mad exercising but I have been eating to maintain and I have added stretching, walking at least 3 times a week. After my first ever 60 day Reboot back in May/June 2014 which I Lost 50lbs, I gained 30lbs back the first week. Much water retention. I was crazy sick trying to balance my body back. I managed to lose 10lbs of the 30lbs gained that week up to this point. Now that I am comfortable and healthy again and added moderate exercise, I am getting stronger and I am happy to say that I have Curves oooo yeah, I am always smiling but this just puts a huge sparkle in it. lol I can very proudly say today I feel better then the day I finished the 60 day Reboot. I feel so happy to share what I have been through because some of us are experiencing this life change in different ways and some with similarities. I do consider myself an amateur learning from my own experiences as I go and hopefully helping another friend - any of you - as I go. I always strive to see the sun shinning with unicorns and rainbows in the world even when the clouds are dark and its raining cats and dogs lol stupid -maybe but- stupid is as stupid does lol and I think its cool. :)

    I posted a pic of me in my pics because I just love the way I look and feel right now, I haven't reached my goal yet but I will, with patience, self love and always taking good care of myself.:)

    OK I need some suggestions please, thank you :)

    I am deciding when I am going to start my 2nd Reboot. There are a few things I need to ask a more experienced Rebooter before I can start. The first question is

    How do you keep from becoming constipated? I drank Mean Green juice and coconut water for 60 days and was constipated the whole time. Any suggestions?

    What juices are best to combine with the Mean Green to lose the most weight and keep it simple?

    I have questions about this protein some people are adding to the Reboot, Does it really keep you healthy while losing weight? How many servings do you get? How much does it cost? If anyone knows of the best kind of protein from experience I love to know what that is.

    Thank you my friends , Have a beautiful Magical, Inspiring day! :) :)

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    4 years ago

    Suggestions re:

    1) How do you keep from becoming constipated? I drank Mean Green juice and coconut water for 60 days and was constipated the whole time. Any suggestions?

    Hiya Ms M... re: constipation drink loads of water, have a variation of coloured drinks, modify your juicing with eating plant foods/ smoothies to get the fibre. Prunes are great, as are pears and aloe vera. Soft bananas are also known to help. Google. Joe also has a link in Q&A pertaining to constipation.

    2) What juices are best to combine with the Mean Green to lose the most weight and keep it simple?

    The liver is the part of the body that needs to be looked after to get rid of weight. This is a post I pasted to my wall yesterday which may help

    URPRISING FACT: The most important metabolic organ in your body that supports weight loss, weight maintenance and weight control is your LIVER!

    What Foods Support Liver Health?

    • Cabbage family vegetables. Due to the glucosinolates, these sulphur compounds help bind and eliminate toxins. They also boost glutathione which is an antioxidant liver boosting nutrient.
    • Onion family vegetables. These boost glutathione and contain high sulphur for liver support.
    • Beet family (beetroots). Beets contain betaine which helps to support and produce bile that is thinner, this supports easier bile flow that supports excess fat removal.
    • Orange family vegetables. Carrots, Sweet Potato, Squash, and Pumpkin are all rich in carotenoids and plant-flavonoids which support healthy liver function.
    • Leafy green family. Leafy greens support liver cleansing, bile production, high nutrient and plant chlorophyll content.
    • Citrus family fruits. Lemon, lime, grapefruit and oranges all have vitamin C and phytonutrients that support liver health.
    • Other liver boosting PLANT foods include asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, avocados, apples, peaches, mustard greens, chicory, endive and radicchio.

    Beyond fruits and vegetables, other foods that are beneficial for liver health include; green tea, turmeric, dandelion leaves and roots, milk thistle, resveratrol and grape seed extract.

    If your diet is deficient in fruits and vegetables this can have a serious impact on your liver health and increase the risk of fatty infiltration and other more serious health issues.

    3) I have questions about this protein some people are adding to the Reboot, Does it really keep you healthy while losing weight? How many servings do you get? How much does it cost? If anyone knows of the best kind of protein from experience I love to know what that is.

    I commenced using pea protein earlier in my reboot months ago but in all honesty I have found so many plants have protein and added with the exercise ... well, needless to say I rarely use the powder. Others may feel different and need it, but my recent medical check up showed my body thriving on all counts, so...

    Hope this has helped in some way. Good to see you back.

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  • murielggina

    4 years ago

    WOW Maxene, How much do I owe you Dr. Maxene, that was GREAT!!! Your incredible and beautiful my friend, thank you I appreciate your advice and friendship. I have much to think about now before I start. I want to keep it simple, while losing and being healthy! oxox

  • murielggina

    5 years ago

    Remember that you are unique, you are one-of-a-kind and you are an embodiment of absolute LOVE – and that, is worth everything in the world.

    Let us all celebrate today with the affirmation ‘I am who I am’ – whoever that is, love yourself!

  • murielggina

    5 years ago

    Happy Day everyone! Keep the Love, Inspiration and faith that you can do anything, including this! Its truly the best thing you can do for yourself. It changed me forever and now I Glowing and Thriving in Body Mind and Soul! Many Inspirations and Love and Crazy Fun! - Gina

  • murielggina

    5 years ago

    Its a very big day filled with much going on so lets fill you in on where I am. As you know I completed a 60 day Reboot with a 50lb weight loss from I was thrilled over the results of the weightless. I also experienced a new feeling and clarity on a mental, and physical level. During the last month was tough because I started to get sick because I wasn't drinking enough juice. I learn t from that for my upcoming 2nd Reboot. For now, I am forming a balancing between what foods I can eat along with juice every day which I have to say I didn't expect to experience would be so challenging. Another lesson learned was the amount of water retention I had the time following the Reboot. Its taken time to recover from that and find balance. I have a few more pounds to lose before Im back at my Reboot weight, then I will be starting my second 60 day Reboot. In the mean time, I am weaning off the foods that I have been eating so the detox is in motion. Very soon I'll Be Rocking a serious 60 day Reboot, yeah! Until then Im happy and healthy and Inspired, hope you are too!

  • murielggina

    5 years ago

    If I go crazy then will you still still call me superman! Yes there are some really crazy moments in REBOOT but its ok, you'll be there holding my hand :) Ill keep you by my side with my superhuman might!
    REBOOT is like kryptonite! You call me strong and you call me weak...If I go crazy will you still call me superman.....

  • murielggina

    5 years ago

    YOUR AN All star - Smash Mouth (shrek)- ON THE REBOOT!!!!


  • murielggina

    5 years ago


    So NICE...LIKE SUGAR AND SPICE - oooooo I feel soooo NICE! REBOOT and YOU CAN TOO!!

  • murielggina

    5 years ago

    Aerosmith I DONT WANT TO MISS A THING Dont miss a a thing when it comes to your HEALTH! Rock your Health, Juice, Live, love, Make Love- be Happy and FEEL GREAT! -

    To My love My beloved My soul! J & G forever and ever <3


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    I am so so pumped to start my reboot TODAY! Please anyone feel free to join me so we can motivate and cheer each other along! I have tried a reboot before and didn't make it past the third day but I am so DETERMINED and much better mentally prepped this time, and have lot's of tips! I'm starting a 5 Day Juicing and Eating Detox today followed by 60 Days of Juice Fasting. I will be posting daily video updates (if technology is friendly)! And I will be doing weigh-in's every 3 days =) So for the record… Starting Day: January 29th, 2014 Ending Day will be: April 3rd, 2014 Starting Weight: 274.8 lbs Ending Weight:…we shall see! ;) Here are my personal goals: (I'd like to hear what yours are in some posts!!) ~Weight Loss! ~Energy! ~Reduction/Cure for my skin condition Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS for short)! ~Fitting in Clothes and Dropping Sizes! ~Being a better Nursing Role Model for Health Promotion! ~Clearing up my skin! ~Transitioning from Junky Cravings to Healthy Cravings! ~Shrinking my stomach/appetite a bit! ~Uplifting my mood (which currently feels like I'm in a rut) ~Not getting colds/sick as often! ~Detox! ~Looking better this summer! ~Confidence! ~Life Extension & Better Living Outcomes! I'd even be happy to achieve just even a few of these goals! So come along! Join me! And let's get healthier and happier together! =) -Christine

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    I am going to dive into a 30-cleanse in order to best reboot my system and tastebuds! It's very difficult to get through food cravings so personally, I need something drastic to commit to in order to successfully change my lifestyle. I'd love to create a support group for people committed to creating a healthier future for themselves. After just one day on the pre-reboot "diet", I already realize that I need a strong system of friends that can motivate and support one another; I know I'm not the only one out there! Please join and post often; pictures, stories, motivational quotes... anything! It will be easier if we do it together!

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    You've heard it all before. Chris is going to do the reboot, yadda yaddah yaddah then after 3 days gives up and starts eating shit. Well I 've had a wake up call this week and definitely need to do this. I know Eric is having a another go, well so am I. If I fail this time, please will you all shout at me on here and tell me what a loser and quitter I am. If you are in the mood to start this again, please join me, need all the help I can get.

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