• About: I recently got married in September 2013 to my gorgeous husband Ryan in Las Vegas after travelling across America for a Month. I managed to gain 14lbs whilst travelling and indulging on the naughty treats the USA has to offer and since returning to the UK I’ve managed to gain another 7lbs (now 182lbs and only 5'3) just down to a bad diet and lack of exercise. I've always been interested in health and nutrition but since suffering with depression and being an emotional eater I’ve not practised anything that I know to be good nutrition. I am ending this and changing for the better; I’ve started by having juices a couple of times a day and stopping coffee or anything full of caffeine. I'm starting a 10 day juice only reboot on 29th December 2013, I don't think I would complete it if I start it full on over Christmas so I’m just making changes now to prepare myself for the reboot. When I complete the 10 days if everything goes smoothly then I’d like to carry on for another 20 days to complete a full 30 juice only reboot. I'll update as I go along. (my profile picture is not current.. I was 25lbs lighter there so thats a bit of motivation for me!) :)
  • Why I've Joined Reboot with Joe: For health reasons, weight loss, to find my energy again and stop relying on coffee and also to make my body the healthiest home it can be for my babies when I decide to have them!! :)
  • Favorite Juice? I've only tried green juices so far..
  • Food temptation? Sweet treats!!! (Cakes, biscuits etc!)

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  • MrsG69

    5 years ago

    So I said I was going to start my reboot on 29th December so I could "relax and enjoy" Christmas... but I kind of started today... I haven't had caffeine for 3 days now anyway and well my head is pounding!! I'm presuming that's the result of caffeine withdrawal. This is going to be tough!! All help and motivation appreciated :) xxxx


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    Is your reboot over or just starting? Do you feel you failed or that you were successful? When it comes down to it, even a single juice is better than never juicing at all. We all have some form of victory under our belts! Even if this is day 1 for you. You are here. Celebrate! Typically the first 3 to 5 days are the worst. Generally the 8 to 10 day window is glorious as that is when the surge of energy hits. After day 10, the real battle begins. - The mental battle: How long can I really go without chewing? How long can I really do this for? The questions, the doubting (from yourself and others), the curiosity all starts to set in. - This is normal. Totally normal. And you are here. Here with me and everyone else. I did my juice nearly alone. You don't need to be alone. Gain support, motivation, encouragement and inspiration from this group! This group is focused on what happens afterwards or what happens if you just can't stomach a juice but still want nutrition and to be healthy? I look at things a bit differently than most. Juicing has given me my life back. My number one focus is getting in nutrition and improving overall health. Calories are important to fuel our bodies, yes. However, empty calories provide no nutrition. I want to fuel my body with highly nutritious calories. This is not a trend or a diet for me, this is my new lifestyle. Without it, I'd still be way fat. Who am I? I am Johnathan and rebootwithjoe featured the pounds I eliminated in one of their success stories. Use the links on the group wall below to connect!

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    Many Rebooters, through life style change reach a fitness level that they can run. This group is for Rebooters that have become runners. We run in all type of events and for fun. If you have been running for some time or just starting out you should join.

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    Jumpstart your January by joining me and my Reboot Team for a free 3-Day Guided Reboot beginning January 6th. I can’t wait to kick off 2014 with you and make it the year of the healthiest, happiest you! You can find all of the Big New Year Reboot information through my posts and updates on the comment wall below or at here: (

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