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  • Lots of transients...

    Started by MrBigMike, Last reply by fit160 on 2013-03-25 11:12:49

    Number of Replies: 4 it seems. Many enthusiastic people all fired up post a couple of times and then, poof they're gone.

    I find myself interested in the people who have shared personal information about themselves and I want to know how they are progressing. I suspect the people that suddenly disappear probably have not followed through on making the changes.

    Anyway, keep at it folks. Healthy eating is the bomb.


  • Dirty Drop's improved eating...

    Started by MrBigMike, Last reply by MrBigMike on 2013-03-23 10:25:06

    Number of Replies: 1

    Feb. 1, 2013
    Wt: 244 lbs.
    Goal wt: 156 lbs.
    Need to lose: 88 lbs.

    Started South Beach Ph. 1 diet. Basically it is Paleo minus all grain based food and fruit. Stayed on for 3 weeks.

    Wt. loss: 15 lbs.

    Week 4:
    Replaced breakfast and lunch with juice. Dinner remained South Beach Ph. 1 (one cheat meal included)

    Wt. loss: 3 lbs.
    Cum. Wt. loss: 18 lbs.

    Weeks 5 and 6:
    On vacation in Hawaii. Went with a solid plan to not let vacation be an excuse for poor eating and to put on weight. Ate fresh fruits and vegetables for breakfast and lunch. Ate a dinner of animal protein (90% of the time it was fish) and vegetables. I did have dessert about half of the nights.

    Wt. loss: 1 lb.
    Cum. Wt. loss: 19 lbs.

    Week 7:
    Started this week with a 3 day juice fast. (Fri thru Sun) Then went on a business trip for the week, which included 4 evenings out with customers. While I went with a plan to order fish and vegetables, I immediately fell back into the typical way of entertaining customers?drinks, expensive steak house, lots of calories. Bad behavior this week. Thank goodness I?m done traveling for a while. I am very motivated to return to healthy eating and doing the juice fast.
    Starting a juice fast today. Will start a thread about that later.

    Wt. loss: 2 lb. gain
    Cum. Wt. loss: 17 lbs.

    So, six of seven weeks I am pleased with what I did. Coming off a bad week and feel crappy about it. Anxious to flip the switch today.


  • DirtyDrop's rolling juice fast...

    Started by MrBigMike, Last reply by lobowolfpete on 2013-03-25 13:33:13

    Number of Replies: 7

    I?m going vegan for 30 days.

    Today I start a rolling juice fast. With a planned safety net. Let me explain.

    I have noted many people come here all gung ho, having watched the video, with big plans for a 60 day juice fast. After a couple of days you don?t hear from them again. I think when the emotion of the video gives way to the reality of limiting your food intake to fruit and vegetable juices for 2 months, it gets overwhelming and lots of people fall out. This is my assumption.

    As I stated in a previous thread, I?ve been eating mostly healthy for 7 weeks and have dropped 17 of the 88 pounds I want to lose. I?ve done plenty of juicing and even did a 3 day juice fast (which went for naught because of what I did the 4 days after?but that aside)so I have some expectation of how it will go.

    What?s a rolling juice fast? Well, it?s commitment in small increments. Today I start a 3 day juice fast. At the end of 3 days, I will either quit or commit to extending it to a 7 day juice fast. At the end of 7, quit or commit to extending to 15 days and so on up to 30 days total.

    What?s the planned safety net? If juicing becomes unbearable for some reason, I will eat what I would have otherwise juiced. So if I have to give in, I have a plan and that plan does not include processed food and other crap. Just fresh fruit and vegetables. What I?ve found difficult about juicing is the lack of chewing. Munching down a granny smith apple will give me plenty of chewing satisfaction.

    And so it begins. Week 8 of better eating starts today with a juice fast. I will be back from time to time to tell on myself. Guaranteed.


  • DirtyDrop rolls on...

    Started by MrBigMike, Last reply by Saraswati Ma on 2013-03-28 23:03:54

    Number of Replies: 5

    ...yesterday completed 3 days of juice only and this morning is my scheduled reevaluation point. Do I stop now or continue to 7 days to the next reevaluation point? I detailed my plan in an earlier thread.

    Well, on the 3 day juice only fast I lost 7 pounds. I had 2 great bike rides and a good weight lifting session in the gym. I feel great. I get a bit hungry, but nothing extreme. I am drinking a lot of water.

    Logical conclusion. Extend this to a 7day juice only fast.

    By the way, the juice I made for dinner last night was the best ever: Large handful of spinach, 3 large carrots, 2 oragnes, 1 baby beet. Yield 16 oz. of very nice tasting juice.

    Roll on...


  • For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to...

    Started by MrBigMike, Last reply by MrBigMike on 2013-03-29 13:02:21

    Number of Replies: 1

    ...add a Jalapeno pepper to my mean green juice. And I was right!

    Thought I'd share...


  • Evaluation: DirtyDrop completes 7 days...

    Started by MrBigMike, Last reply by doug.geniesse on 2013-03-30 11:57:34

    Number of Replies: 3

    Rolling juice fast update.

    Seven days down?scheduled reevaluation.
    Wt. loss: 12 pounds

    Exercise: Bicycling 4 days per week/weight lifting 3 days per week. Juicing has had no negative impact on my exercise. Weight loss is giving me the ability to push harder on the bike and in the weight room.

    Challenges: None. If you?ve read my prior posts you know that I eased into ?juice only? over a 7 week period. I have had no detox, diarrhea, stomach issues, skin issues?.nothing at all adverse.

    Benefits: I feel healthy, confident, in control. I have spent time on juicing and nutrition web sites and I love my growing knowledge of nutrition.

    Evaluation: I?m happy with and baffled by the weight loss at the same time. Per the question I posted in the ?Ask the Nutritionist? section of the board, the math doesn?t seem to work. 1 ? pounds per day average for 7 straight days? That a lot. How can I lose that much fat that fast? I can see changes in my body, for sure, but I have a feeling that I need to ?assimilate? this weight loss and settle into it. Let my body sort it out, if you will.

    So I?ve decided to slow down for a week. Beginning today, I?m going to start having my dinner be solid food. I?ll juice for breakfast and lunch, then for dinner I?ll eat a bunch of whole vegetables and fruits. My exercise will continue, in fact I?m dressed to get out on the bike as I write this. I?m going 35 miles today with about 700 feet of climbing. Before and after the bike ride I?ll drink my morning energy drink of spinach/celery/carrot/apple/grapefruit/orange.

    Since Feb.1 when I decided to eat better I?ve lost 28.2 pounds and I have 59.8 to go. I?m splitting hairs over the decimals here because I like the fact that I have less than 60 to go. The psychological boost of saying just two months ago I needed to lose 88 pounds, now I need to lose less than 60?awesome!

    Yesterday, I gathered up my size 40 waist pants and belts and took them to Goodwill. I?ll never need them again. I?m in 38?s now, and glad I saved them as I was on the way up. Now those 38?s will be a useful stopping off point as I work my way back to 31/32.

    Final note to end this post. I?m sitting here Saturday morning, juices made for today and tomorrow, and enjoying the smell of the pulp from last night?s juice simmering in water. I?m making a veg broth from the pulp using a recipe posted elsewhere in this board by the poster ?Rabbit?. And man does it smell great.

    Wishing you all success and the fulfillment that follows.


  • A DirtyDrop update, first week of April...

    Started by MrBigMike, Last reply by Esky on 2013-04-14 12:23:43

    Number of Replies: 2

    In my post last Sat. I said I was going to juice twice per day and eat at dinner. I want to to assimilate my rapid wt. loss.

    So that's what I did. I continued the exercise. What I noticed is that I'm hungrier when I'm eating solids than when it's a juice only day. At dinner on a few of the nights I was just ravenous. So I ate a lot, not bad stuff, but I did eat a lot.

    All in all it was a good week. I lost another 2 pounds, for a total of 30.

    I can see the changes in my body big time. I have indeed "assimilated" the weight loss, so I'm ready to go for another big drop, if that's in the cards.

    THat's 30 down and 58 to go.

    This week: Solids only Sat. and Sun (I need a break from juice). Two bike rides 35 miles today and 22 miles tomorrow. Fast pace and climbing.

    Monday thru Friday: 5 day juice only, and continue my exercise program of Weight lifting MWF, bike ride TuTh.

    I am truly enjoying living a life around great exercise and healthy diet.

    All the best to my fellow dieters.


  • DirtyDrop celebrates tax day by...

    Started by MrBigMike, Last reply by judithh on 2013-04-15 11:48:15

    Number of Replies: 2 not just a pound of flesh, but 9 and a half.

    When last I posted, my plan was to do 5 days of juice only (this past Mon - Fri). Well, since I couldn't think of any good reason to stop, I decided to extend it another 3 days, when I will have a reason to take a break.

    This morning's weigh in, after 7 days juice only:

    9.5 pound wt loss for the 7 days
    39.5 cumulative wt loss since I started healthy eating

    so that's 39 down and 49 to go

    During this past week I dropped another pant size, now down to 36" waist. I gathered up all my 38's and took them to Goodwill, along with a number of shirts and a couple of sport coats. Belts, too. I think it was 3 weeks ago that I shed my 40's...maybe just 2. Anyhow, hard to imagine I'll drop another size in 2 or 3 weeks. I'll probably spend a bit of time in these clothes, some from when I was on the way up, but most are clothes I bought with the intention of losing wt, but never did. So, I have plenty of clothes to keep me covered for a while.

    This past, was a great week of exercise. For me in this process, exercise is a key. In the last 9 days I went on 5 bike rides, 1 hike (yesterday) and had 3 sessions at the gym lifting weights. The changes in my body are remarkable.

    My daily juice plan looks like this: Morning is a fruit oriented juice as I want the sugars to help propel me through rigorous workouts, no bonking for me. I tend to make the same thing: a couple stalks of celery/1 carrot/1 handful of spinach/1 each apple, grapefruit and orange. It tastes really good. I drink about 16 oz of this. Late morning, early afternoon, and dinner time I'll have about 16 oz each of a vegetable oriented juice. I'm looking for nutrition more than flavor. I have the Mean Green, or a juice with beets, or a version of the bloody mary juice. I cannot say that I would choose any of these above a meal of solid foods if this were simply a pursuit of culinary delight. But, I know what this is. Juicing is a means to an end. And it is one effective means.

    This week I have some business colleagues in town, so that means resturant dinners on Tu/Wed/Th. I'm juicing today (day ground for me) and will juice morning and afternoon on Tu/Wed/Th. Thursday evening/Friday morning I'll assess things. The decision to make is whether I want to go juice only again so soon, or stick with a combo of juicing with one solid food meal.

    Exercise remains a focal point. Gym MWF and bike TuTh.

    This whole thing is a matter of the mind. I have daily temptations to cheat. But I refuse to. The first time I cheat will make it that much easier to cheat down the road. Cheating would undermine all feelings of accomplishment. So, I don't kid myself. Cheating won't be something that just happens to me. It doesn't "just happen" to anyone. Cheating is a conscious decision to depart from the committment. I refuse to depart.

    If you read this I wish you great self-discipline, and the courage to be honest with yourself. That's the key.


  • A DirtyDrop rolls in...

    Started by MrBigMike, Last reply by happy-joyous-free on 2013-06-10 20:46:59

    Number of Replies: 6

    Hey there. The turnover in this place is so significant that I?ll bet virtually no one here now remembers me from a couple of months ago. So, I?ll recap. It?s good therapy for me if nothing else.

    I hit my highest weight at the end of January past. Went on the South Beach Ph. 1 diet and was strict on that for 3 weeks and lost 15 pounds. During that time, I stumbled across the documentaries ?Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead? and ?Hungry for Change?. This was my introduction to juicing. Had never heard of it before.

    Anyway, I got a juicer and tried out a few here and there. Not being ready to commit to a long reboot, I came up with the concept of a ?rolling juice fast?. The idea was commit for a couple of days, reevaluate and decide to quit for a while or forever, or to roll on for another few days and repeat this process. This was a means of committing for an easily manageable chunk of time rather than a daunting 60 day fast. Some of us (probably the vast majority) can?t commit, I mean truly commit, to something as drastic as a juice fast for 60 days. And as easily manageable chunks of time passed, recommitting became easy. A few recommits down the road and you look back and you done some pretty good work.

    My life is not at all static. I travel on business and pleasure much of the time. So when looking at dieting I kind of have mile stones. IE ? 7 days to the next trip, I can diet those days. Anyway, for a month and a half, I did several rolling juice fasts?3 days a couple of times, 5 days once, and 8 days once. In between I ate sensibly. I have no interest in being vegetarian let alone vegan, but I well know how to eat sensibly and in moderation. I lost another 25 pounds for a total of 40 pounds between my SB diet and the juicing. 40 pounds in 2 and ? months. And 25 of it was in very short time periods.

    I really wondered if the wt loss was real. It just didn?t seem possible to lose 2 to 3 pounds per day for several days in a row. In fact I?d have wt. loss but not visible results. I learned it takes the body a while to adjust to the lost wt and the resizing of the body happens on a slower schedule than the wt loss.

    I didn?t mention that I?m a daily exerciser. That certainly helps with accelerated weight loss.

    Now the bad part. I?ve suffered a setback. I blew out my Achilles tendon and am laid up in a knee high cast following surgery. So my exercise has been taken from me until I recover, and I sort of lost my defense against eating healthy and in sensible portions. Long story short; I?ve regained 15 pounds.

    I will say that during my juice dieting time I really enjoyed this web site and the community boards. Spending time here, even if it?s limited, provides motivation to stick with the process. I hadn?t been here in a while, but I?ll be here with some regularity for a bit, anyway.

    My next milestone is 12 days away. I leave home for the summer. So I?ve decided to juice only fast for those 12 days, then reevaluate as in the rolling juice fast for the rest of the summer.

    Before I wrote this I did cruise through some of the postings and I?m happy to see some enthusiastic people having great success. The poster happy-joyous-free is nearing the end of a 60 day fast and he has surely been a guy that people should want to embrace for inspiration.

    Enough, for now. I?ve enjoyed a beet, carrot, orange, and spinach juice as I?ve written this.

    I?ll plop in again soon?


  • Juicing is like...

    Started by MrBigMike, Last reply by MrBigMike on 2013-07-07 19:30:32

    Number of Replies: 1


    That is all.


  • I like the foam...

    Started by MrBigMike, Last reply by 7thheaven on 2013-07-09 16:30:10

    Number of Replies: 2 about you?



    Started by MrBigMike, Last reply by daarc on 2013-03-30 22:22:25

    Number of Replies: 2

    ...You have real problems with this web site. I have had problems logging in. In fact right now I can, post in several topic areas, but when I click over to "Free for All" it tells me to login. WTF, I was just logged in a second ago. So I click back over to "Newbies" and viola, I'm logged in.

    I've run across the postings of several other people who have mentioned that they have had problems getting logged in.

    I'm sure your revenue is generated by traffic. Interactions like I'm describing send people away.

    You have a glitch. Thought you should know.


  • Ijust might do this...

    Started by MrBigMike, Last reply by MrBigMike on 2013-03-01 07:14:12

    Number of Replies: 16

    Until a few days ago I wasn't familiar with juicing. While I was riding my stationary bike I watched Joe's documentary about Fat, Out of shape, Nearly dead. I became intrigued and have been researching juicing since that day.

    I have always been a big animal protein guy coupled with lots of non fruit carbs. Yet I think I can do this, and I think I want to.

    I spent the last two weeks on the South Beach diet Phase 1 and lost 12 pounds. Last summer I quit drinking alcohol for the most part (was a daily drinker) and in the last month I've cut my caffeine intake more than in half. So, I won't be shocking my system with an immediate elimination of all my vices...I've been doing that in steps.

    Am I ready for the big step to juicing? I think so. I intend to lose an additional 76 pounds as I want to get back down to my competitive athletic weight.

    My biggest concern about a juicing fast is exercise. I like to ride my bike most days, usually on a trainer, and I swim laps several times per week. Will I have enough energy to maintain and enhance my exercise? That I don't know.

    I'm on the edge. My cart has Mason jars, a juicer, and a juicing book in it. I just need to decide to pull the trigger.

    My plan is to do a 7 day fast. I can do anything for 7 days, right? Then reevaluate and decide if I want to go on a prolonged fast, or incorporate juicing into my daily diet, or abandon it altogether.

    I will return here and let you know what I've decided and done.

    BTW the blog by the poster "gogreenstaylean" has been a real help to me in analyzing this process. Thanks to her.

    Finally, good luck to all of you who are doing this.


  • I Don't get how this forum works...

    Started by MrBigMike, Last reply by gogreenstaylean on 2013-02-18 12:27:19

    Number of Replies: 5

    ...topics that are days and weeks without activity are on page 1, while topics with activity are on page 2 and 3 and perhaps deeper in.


  • Beets - how do I use them?

    Started by MrBigMike, Last reply by Claire Georgiou - ND on 2013-03-24 23:57:24

    Number of Replies: 5

    I have never eaten beets in my life, but I bought some today to use in juice. Do I just juice the root or the greens as well? Also, do I peel the root?



  • Dear Nutritionist: Can this really be possible...

    Started by MrBigMike, Last reply by MrBigMike on 2013-03-27 22:33:57

    Number of Replies: 2

    ...I have completed 4 days of my juice only fast and the scale shows that I've lost 9.5 pounds. I am drinking about 64 oz. of juice and a lot of water each day. (my urine is always clear).

    The math I use is this:

    1 pound loss 3,500 cal deficit

    daily cals burned by just existing 10 - 15 per pound of body wt.

    So, based upon this it would work out that I have an average 8,312 calories deficit per day. (9.5 lbs lost x 3,500 divided by 4 days)

    Appx wt. of 220 lbs x 15 = 3,300 cals burned for just existing.

    I am exercising each day, but that cal burn can't be more than 500. So let's round up and say I'm burning 4,000 cals per day.

    Now the intake: 64 oz of juice that is probably 80% vegetable, so the caloric intake isn't all that significat, but still even if I had 0 cal intake, the math doesn't come out.

    Can you please shed some light on where my thinking is wrong?



  • 14 day plan...

    Started by MrBigMike, Last reply by MrBigMike on 2015-05-10 11:50:58

    Number of Replies: 2

    Juicing and exercise plans


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