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  • peachesncream7681

    5 years ago

    I love your story. I went on a 5 day juice fast, nothing but juice or fresh fruit and veggies, mostly juice though. Today marks my being on the fast for 9 days and I've lost 8 lbs., but I too am doing my own modified program. I usually juice in the morning, have lunch of fish and lots of veggies and then have another veggie juice in the evening or some soup I made of the scraps, lots of water and some spices as well as something you can chew on with extra celery, carrots and onions, really good recipe if you want something more substantial but still have lots of veggies. It keeps you full and you don't feel like you are cheating. I can't wait to hear more about your program. If you have any questions or need any help, I'm here. Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  • Natshell62

    5 years ago

    Hi! I've been trying to send you an invite to a group I started but the system is still a bit glitchy. Katiejay recommended you so I hope you'll join us! The group is called Saying Goodbye to 100 lbs or more. Here is a link to the group if you'd like to join us:) Saying GOODGBYE to 100lbs or More

  • morningwhispers

    5 years ago

    Thanks, I joined.


  • My name is Naomi and I'm a sugar addict

    Started by morningwhispers, Last reply by TamiM on 2013-07-04 20:57:47

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    Its taken me my entire life to admit that I have an addiction and like anyone who has an addiction, once you realize you have a problem you can actually do something about the problem.

    I've been big the majority of my life, I've lost weight several times but usually regain it plus an additional ten pounds. The last time I tried, I worked out at a gym - half mile on the treadmill and 14 laps in the swimming pool daily for 6 months - I lost 12 lbs. It was very frustrating and after that I just gave up.

    Only recently did I learn that you can't out exercise a bad diet.

    Back in March I started attending a weight management program through the local hospital. The program is about learning how to eat healthy. I meet with a nutritionist every week who weighs me and goes over my weekly food log.
    After our meeting I am in a nutrition class with others who are also in the program. The nutrition class is taught by one of the hospital dieticians and the topics vary week to week.

    At my first meeting with the dietician I was shocked to see that my weight was 390 pounds - I was sure I was about 375 since I'd been 375 for most of my 40s.

    It was at that point that I decided I needed to do something about my weight or I might not live to see grandchildren. (I've told my son I am in no hurry, I want him to get his education out of the way before he starts thinking of having a family).

    I started by watching FSND with my son, then I watched three or four more documentaries about food and how it affects our bodies. I read everything I could find online.

    The first thing I did was give up sugar and caffeine - since I don't like coffee without sugar, I gave up both together.

    Since starting the program I have been eating clean - no sugar, almost no processed foods, very lean meats and tons of fruits and veggies. My son has been eating clean as well although he's not interested in a juice fast.

    I've dropped 45 pounds as of today - yesterday was my birthday and I am starting my 48th year weighing less than I did when I turned 40! Whoo Hoo!

    My ultimate goal is to weigh less than 200 pounds and get active again. I want to buy a bike as reward for myself when I lose my first 100 pounds.

    Anyway that's about me. Sorry for being so winded. I love that this site has a community. Its really nice to know that no matter where we are in our juicing, healthy eating quest, we are not alone.

    Since I know I'm a sugar addict, that is something I never plan to have again, even after I reach my goal weight. Just like an alcoholic who can not drink again, a sugar addict can not have sugar again or the spiral will start again and undo everything that I've worked so hard to accomplish.

  • Eat the Weeds

    Started by morningwhispers, Last reply by morningwhispers on 2013-06-29 23:01:36

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    My local store sells dandelions - the exact same thing that grows wild all over my yard for free.

    I came home and looked up dandelions and it turns out the entire plant is edible. has anyone ever juiced an entire dandelion? I haven't yet but think tomorrow I might go outside and pick a few to throw in the morning juice.

    Anyway there's tons of weeds that grow wild all over that are edible - its just a matter of knowing which ones so you don't end up sick.

    I am still trying to learn about edible weeds, if anyone here has more knowledge and can share I'd love to hear.

  • Juicing and Boobs

    Started by morningwhispers, Last reply by baby hippo on 2013-07-22 11:17:39

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    I started eating clean back in March. I gave up sugar and processed foods and started juicing a couple of times a day to supplement my regular eating.

    I lost 50 pounds so far - I only did a juice fast for 4 days and now I'm on a modified fast - I juice everything except dinner which I cook and eat with my son.

    Over the last few months a male friend of mine has been insisting that my boobs are getting larger, fuller looking. I told him it's probably because I've lost so much weight in the stomach you notice them more now. He kept insisting that wasn't it.

    The last time I was measured for a bra was 5 years ago and I was a size 52D.

    Then two years ago I worked out every day for 6 mo and lost 12 pounds (I didn't realize you can't out exercise a bad diet back then). At that time my boobs seemed to be the only thing that changed, they deflated and I was wearing a size 50C.

    I've been wearing a size 50C since then. Today I decided it was time to get a new bra because the band was on it's last set of hooks and was still loose on me. when I was at the store the sales woman measured me and told me I need a size 46DDD.
    I was in total shock that the bra actually fits me!

    So my question is, is it the juicing that has caused my boobs to perk up and fill out? At my age I never thought I'd see my cup size go up.

  • Getting Protien and Fats while Juicing

    Started by morningwhispers, Last reply by Claire Georgiou - ND on 2013-07-01 09:49:18

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    I did a four day juice fast last week and did great.

    I've been eating clean since March - no sugar or processed foods. Since I've been eating a lot of micronutrient foods for a couple of months already and juicing at least once a day, I really didn't have any ill side effects from the four day fast.

    I've been attending a nutritional program through the local hospital since March as well, part of the program is keeping a food log and meeting with a dietician one on one every week.

    Although my doctor is supportive of the fast, the dietician was very concerned that I am not getting enough protein or fat in my diet while doing the fast.

    I want to start a ten day fast this weekend but want to know what I can add to the juice to help me get my body's daily need of proteins and fats. I am not a fan of avocado.

    Also is two tbls of chia seeds once a day enough to meet the protein need? (I told the dietician I thought there was enough protein in plants that I didn't need meat and she disagreed).

    Helpful suggestions welcome.

  • Doing it My Way - My Modified Plan

    Started by morningwhispers, Last reply by morningwhispers on 2013-11-20 11:22:43

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    I started my journey back in March. I was actually not looking for a weight loss plan (I had already given up all hope of that ever happening for me). I was actually googling swimming locations in my area - I was really wanting to go swimming and refuse to go the city's recreational pool sinice its open to everyone and it's usually filled with kids. What teenager wants to be in a pool next to a fat, middleaged woman?

    Anyway I found that my local hospital has a fitness center that has a swimming pool. But to be a member you have to meet certain criteria - either your doctor has prescribed the fitness / therapy center, or you are recovering from surgery and have the hospital's insurance or you are a member of their weight management program.

    I decided I'd check out the weight management program and started that on March 15. The program consists of meeting with a dietician every week - she weighs me and goes over my food log and discusses how my week went, etc. After that I sit in a small group session where the dietician discusses a nutrition topic with us. (topics vary every week).

    March 17 I got off the sugar, processed foods and stopped eating fast food. I lost 8 pounds my first week and was amazed.

    The following week I watched FSND with my son and was inspired to start juicing. I started juicing just as a supplement to my meals, not in place of my meals.

    From March 15 to May 28 I lost 35 pounds. Then I started losing just one pound a week which was very frustrating after averaging 3 lbs a week.
    By the end of June I decided it was time for a juice fast. I fasted for 4 days - then day 5 hit and when my son cooked dinner I couldn't take it, I had to eat.

    At first I felt like a failure but after coming here and reading everyone's stories I realize that we are all in this together and we are each doing it in a way that is personal to us.

    So starting last week I decided two things - first I am not going to go to class every week, I am going to go twice a month - I will keep my food logs, keep up with the program, but I will stay off the scale and not worry so much about the numbers. Secondly I will not beat myself up if I have a day that isn't as good as it could have been.

    Since Weds I have been juicing breakfast, lunch and a snack. I eat a healthy, small meal at dinner - trying to stay away from red meat and limit how much chicken / turkey I eat. I love salmon and shrimp, so when I can afford it that is my main dish.

    I also swim on a regular basis and I jump a little on a rebounder / trampoline every day.

    My weight starting the modified juice fast last week was 347 lbs. (I am 48 yrs old btw)


  • Saying GOODBYE to 100lbs or more!!!

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    This group is inspired by all the amazing people I have met in this community who, like me, have or had 100 lbs or more to lose when starting this journey with our wonderful Joe Cross:) There are special challenges in this world for those of us who are "morbidly obese" and there are some incredibly inspirational people around here conquering those challenges every day. Come be inspired and inspiring!

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